Friday, July 25, 2014

A Dragon Moves in Anyway (sorta)

So I went and checked out the Craigslist pony. The price was right (cheap!) and they said he was tame enough to lead home on my motorcycle (since it wasn't very far away at all.)

So I brought him home.

Things were going okay right up until we got almost to the house.

And then he just stopped.

I almost went right over my handlebars!

And started pondering if there were any nearby glue factories.

I told the pony my thoughts about how many glue bottles he would fill, thinking it might motivate him to come along like a good little bottle of glue pony.

But it did not.

Fortunately, while I am no experienced horse pixie, I do know a thing or two about stubborn creatures.

So I came prepared.

The pony noticed.

And followed me right along up into the driveway.

Where we were spotted by Lenore, who just happened to be playing outside.

Even though I hadn't mentioned anything about getting her a pony, I have a feeling she knew exactly who it was for. And honestly, I was glad she was outside to take possession of him. I had no idea how I was going to get him up the stairs without getting trampled. 

I untied him from my motorcycle, and told her that they'd said his name was "Scout" (because apparently "Ungrateful Stubborn Almost Motorcycle Wrecking Snot Pony" was too long) and that he was hers now. Enjoy.

She said "thank you" while cooing and awwing over her pony, and as I rode away, I'm pretty sure she quietly said "But I think his name is 'Dragon'."

A girl and her dragon pony.

It's a beautiful thing.

- Miri

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Craigslisting for a Pixie Pony

I've been looking around on the human Craigslist for some stuff.

Sometimes I look at their dollhouse listings. My attic apartment is feeling a little cramped, and the pictures of that house they just finished at Norm's (Marilyn's House) makes me want a house again. Bad.

But today, I'm on a different mission. I'm looking for a pony for Lenore. After movie night the other night, she decided she wanted a dragon. And no, as someone the size of a tasty dragon snack, I am vetoing a dragon moving in.

So I think I've found a pony for her. Price is reasonable (cheap, even!), and it's not too far away. After some emailing back and forth, I've got an appointment to go Friday and see the pony, and maybe even bring it home! 

Uh, with my motorcycle. But I guess we'll figure that part out once I get there.

Wish me luck!

- Miri

Monday, July 21, 2014

Mostly Meh Monday

Not a lot to report on this rather dull Monday so far.

Lenore found her tricycle, and spends her days riding around on it, who knows where.

A girl, and her tricycle (and a bunny)

Though we did manage to talk her into watching a movie with me and Vee after it got dark. (At least until she gets a head-light on her tricycle, and then she'll probably just ride all night too. Crazy kid.)

We watched "How to Train Your Dragon" which was pretty awesome.

And now Lenore thinks she needs a pet dragon.

We've had dragons in the Kingdom before. It did not work out.

Maybe she'd like a nice pony? I'll have to see what I can come up with. But a dragon?

No. Just, no.

- Miri

Thursday, July 17, 2014

No Norm's

It is a cold, damp night here in the Wylde Kingdom, and so far that's been the bright spot of the whole day.

I'm drowning my sorrows in junkfood and microwaved jasmine tea right at the moment. You see...

I went back to Norm's Dollhouse to see about getting my old job back. 

Some things had changed a little bit while I was gone. For instance, now there are frickin FAIRIES everywhere.

Fairies. Can you believe it? 

Though they do have some cool stuff, I guess. 

Some things had not changed. The Manor is still there, and still glorious. 

 The Green Elephant is still there, and totally shoptacular.

They got in a bunch more handmade Christmas stuff. 

It's enough to make a pixie feel all Yuletidal or something. 

So after waiting around FOREVER, I finally got an answer about my old job.


Apparently they have some kind of "non-essential pixie personnel" hiring freeze thing going or something. I dunno. I don't want to say it was the fairies, but it's kind of weird that suddenly they're there and I'm not.

Just sayin'

So, that's that. Can you believe it? What kind of store doesn't need a spokes-pixie? Or someone to clean cases? I mean, seriously?

Well, whatever. Their loss. It isn't as if there isn't enough to do around HERE, getting the Wylde Kingdom Business District up and running again.

So I'll have some tea, and some candy, and then it's off to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow doing my OWN job. *harumph* 

- Miri

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Don't Pay the Ransom! I've Escaped.

Just kidding.

No one kidnapped me. I've just been... uh... on hiatus (as one of my Facebook friends put it). Yeah.

And now, I'm not.

Something stupid seems to happen to the Wylde Kingdom every Summer. Every. Single. Frickin'. Summer.

I've had it. WE have had it. And things are changing. For the better, I think.

So, step one, find my camera (it's here somewhere.)

Step two, figure out where to even start with fixing all this. Everything is a mess (isn't it always?) and there's lots to do.

So this is me contemplating on a misty morning.

This is my contemplative face.

It's good to be back.  

- Miri