Friday, July 25, 2014

A Dragon Moves in Anyway (sorta)

So I went and checked out the Craigslist pony. The price was right (cheap!) and they said he was tame enough to lead home on my motorcycle (since it wasn't very far away at all.)

So I brought him home.

Things were going okay right up until we got almost to the house.

And then he just stopped.

I almost went right over my handlebars!

And started pondering if there were any nearby glue factories.

I told the pony my thoughts about how many glue bottles he would fill, thinking it might motivate him to come along like a good little bottle of glue pony.

But it did not.

Fortunately, while I am no experienced horse pixie, I do know a thing or two about stubborn creatures.

So I came prepared.

The pony noticed.

And followed me right along up into the driveway.

Where we were spotted by Lenore, who just happened to be playing outside.

Even though I hadn't mentioned anything about getting her a pony, I have a feeling she knew exactly who it was for. And honestly, I was glad she was outside to take possession of him. I had no idea how I was going to get him up the stairs without getting trampled. 

I untied him from my motorcycle, and told her that they'd said his name was "Scout" (because apparently "Ungrateful Stubborn Almost Motorcycle Wrecking Snot Pony" was too long) and that he was hers now. Enjoy.

She said "thank you" while cooing and awwing over her pony, and as I rode away, I'm pretty sure she quietly said "But I think his name is 'Dragon'."

A girl and her dragon pony.

It's a beautiful thing.

- Miri


  1. What a great find, and a great solution to the Dragon pony! Lenore looks so pleased! What a good pixie friend you are!

  2. Naw, what a cute pony! I'm sure Lenore will enjoy his company!

  3. Hey Tracy! I'm glad you think so. I think Lenore's (mostly) completely forgotten about wanting a dragon. And I figure if she decides she wants a dragon too, I'll just point out that it would eat her pony.

    She is just smitten with this little guy beyond belief. I'll have to get more pictures of them, since I finally found my camera. YAAY!

    Hi Rosie! Thanks. For being a random Craigslist find, he's not too bad. Even if he is a little snot. Lenore LOOOOOVES him. I'm sure she'd be out riding like a maniac if it weren't pouring rain. But she hasn't taken her eyes off him since he got here.

    It's squaring up to be a pretty nice weekend, all in all. Yaay me. :)

    - Miri

  4. Aaaaww!!! Wonderful!!! You are So clever Miri!!! (And sweet too!)
    And I think the name "Dragon" is just Perfect.... maybe his nick-name is "Puff...."!
    I hope he and Lenore have a great time together!
    And your motorcycle is Awesome too!

  5. Hmm, a carrot.. that is beary smart. I heard they also like apples!

  6. LOL What a challenge that was! A pony named "Dragon" sounds like the perfect solution. ;)

  7. what a cute pony! Lenore looks adorable with it. Shhh..I cannot let Gracie see this or she will want one too.

  8. Brilliant! Love the carrot idea. Dragon is gorgeous.

  9. Another post that really made me laugh! Well done!
    Great job finding a suitable alternative to a real dragon, even if he was particularly stubborn and infuriating. Looks like Lenore loves him and that is all that matters.