Sunday, December 08, 2013

Signs, Signs. Everywhere a Sign!

Lots of signs that Christmas is coming to the Wylde Kingdom! I found this sign and put it up over the door of the Green Elephant.

But that isn't actually the sign I wanted to tell you about.  Check this out. 

The laser guy that I met at Norm's made this sign for the Green Elephant out of the awesome logo EekItsLily made for us! Gorgeous, huh?

And he even made a little tiny elephant to fit in the elephant cut out. I'm going to paint it green...

... and then put it on the sign over the elephant cutout. Kind of a 3-D effect or something.  And then it's going to hang in the front window!

Pretty cool, huh? 

But wait! There's more! Come over here and I'll show you! 

So these are the stairs up to the apartment.

And I knew I wanted to put a sign over here, but I didn't want customers thinking that the Green Elephant was up the stairs. So....

... this is what the laser guy came up with for me!  Brilliant, huh?

This is just a mockup of these signs. I'm going to paint the wood green and have him go all lasery on them again. I have lots of sign painting to do today, I guess.

Hmm... maybe a new career for me? Miranda Ixie: Sign Painter. Hmm...

- Miri


  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    They turned out great! I love them. :D
    - Lily

  2. Awesome Sign Miranda - You clearly Inspired your Laser Guy! Cant wait to see it all painted up - make sure you dont end up with GreeN Hair!