Monday, December 30, 2013

Auld Lang Syne - Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

"For auld lang syne, my dear
For auld lang syne
We'll take a cup of kindness yet
For auld lang syne"

Google+ did this crazy slideshow thing with my pictures from 2013.

I really like it. Even if it makes me miss my friends even more than I already did. I'm looking forward to April 1st, when they can all safely come home.

Happy New Year, everyone!!! I wish you a year full of friends, family, fantastic adventures, and all things fun and fabulous! 

Farewell to you, 2013 - rather icky year that you were. 

Welcome 2014! Please be awesome.

- Miri


  1. Yes, icky it was... The new year starts with a new moon. Talk about new beginnings and good omens. This brand new shiny year is going to rock!
    I wish you the fulfilment of your innermost greatest wish!

  2. Hey Veronique! I SAW that! How exciting, to start the new year with a new moon too!!! How very auspicious!

    I think this year will rock too, and I hope it's amazing and awesome for you too!

    Thank you so much for sharing your dollhouses, and miniatures, and your world with those of us out there, in internet land. I can't wait to see how the year is for you, and I know it's going to be great!!! *pixie hugs*

  3. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Happy New Year, Miri! I hope this year is fantastic for you, the whole Kingdom and the very lovely Wendy. Have a safe one!


  4. Hey Lily! Thank you!!! Happy New Year to you too! I hope you have an amazing and awesome year, 'cause you totally deserve one. :) Pixie hugs all around! *hugs*