Sunday, December 08, 2013

Day 8: Fruitcake

The Hittys invited me over for cake. CAKE, they said.

It's fruitcake. Bleah.

Does anyone actually EAT these things?

You'd have to be a fruitcake to eat fruitcake. I'll pass. Thanks.

- Miri


  1. OK confession time - I like fruitcake. So, I guess that makes me a "fruitcake"

  2. Never tried fruitcake myself. (My human grew up in Australia eating it, and she likes it!)
    I think I heard that there is only one fruit cake in the USA, and everyone just keeps passing it on. That is what you need to do Miranda, just re-gift it!

  3. EWW! Anne, I still like you, though. Maybe we're friends BECAUSE you're a fruitcake? :)

    Isabelle, I think you're better off. And I could see that, just one fruitcake being passed around. I am definitely regifting this one. :) I like how you think!

  4. You mean you're supposed to eat those things? I thought you hung them from the door, like a wreath or something. Oops....

  5. OH! Hitty Caroline, you could be right! Maybe I was looking at it all wrong. It kind of smelled like something you'd eat, though. Like if you were really, REALLY hungry. But I think your plan is better.

  6. LOL! Love your face while looking at the cake. :-)
    I think regifting it might only bring it back to you next year after its round the world trip!

  7. Hey, Miri, check out one of my favorite people, Edward Gorey, on Fruitcake. It will make you feel much better! The only one I ever liked came from my uncle in California. Moist rum cake with only dates, candied cherries and pineapple and honey-coated pecans! No ugly citron!

  8. LOL Miranda - We actually know some Monks who make Fruitcakes and they actually are quite wonderful -hough Fruitcakes do make Excellent Door stoppers Too :)

  9. Mary of Puddin Hill will change your mind about Fruitcake; Trust Me!