Saturday, December 07, 2013

Day 7: The Head Elf, Herself!

That's Ms. Head Elf if you're naughty. 

Elf on the shelf? Better to be the elf on the steps! Less creepy. (I punched an Elf on the Shelf once, last year. Hope Santa's a "forgive and forget" kind of guy.)

The presents were wrapped with care.

Super tiny ornaments and lights. 

It's so cold in Colorado right now, even the snowmen are wearing scarves!

Day seven and I'm feeling pretty festive about this whole holiday thing. Up next, I think I need to find myself some cookies and candy and possibly a cake.

Or, I could just be having a bit of a junk food craving.

I guess we'll see tomorrow!

- Miri


  1. You make a very festive elf, Miri! Your tree looks wonderful! (and I agree those Elf on the Shelf fellas are rather creepy! They strike me as rather shifty little guys! o_O )

  2. Thanks, Deborah! I think I am a pretty awesome elf, personally. Maybe next year I'll see if I can get some part time employment with the toy division or something. I'd be good at it.

    And I had to punch the elf on the shelf in the nose, he totally deserved it. And they're pretty creepy, IMHO. I'm glad to hear someone agrees with me! 'Cause they're awful popular.

  3. I am usually very tolerant, but that Elf on a Shelf impostor IS rather weird, and creepy. I mean, come on, who in their right mind has a perpetual,smirky grin on their face 24/7?
    Something fishy there. And the nerve that manufacturers are making and selling clothes for him this year!
    I am glad that my human Sam is in total agreement with me and will NEVER introduce one of those things to Oak Leaf Forest.
    (By the way, you make an amazing head Elf!)

  4. That tree is gorgeous, and your elf costume is darling! Can't wait to see some mini Christmas food--yummy! xo Jennifer

  5. You're definitely not an elf to mess with :-) but I agree, that shelf dude is a total imposter!
    Your tree is gorgeous, you have such beautiful ornaments!!!
    I'd share some cake with you except Angélique is still hitting everyone on the head with the rolling pin if they get close!

  6. Wow, we were out of town and had to pause the whole Advent festivities and I am so Proud of you Miranda for keeping up such FabMosT Holiday Cheer and Smashng Outfits - YeP Head Elf Suits YoU PerfectMosT!

  7. Lovely photos :) :) :)