Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pixie Pianist for a Harp Gig

The Roommate and I played a brunch gig this morning. Christmas carols. She played harp, and I played accompaniment on the piano.

I was totally ready, with my trusty little upright piano. She was nervous. So while she tuned her harp again, and again and again I wandered.

I got to visit with Santa and told him my Christmas list. He didn't say much, but I think that just means he's overlooking punching that Elf on the Shelf last year. Thanks, Santa.

Hung out in the Christmas tree display. I'm quite ornamental, if I do say so myself.

Met some other dolls who were caroling. They weren't bad.

Finally ready for some warmups.

We rocked "Good King Wenceslas" if I do say so myself!  It wasn't quite time to perform yet.

One more special person to meet! This is my online buddy, Carrie! I got to meet her in person finally! Thanks for coming and saying "hi" Carrie! You're awesome!

And then we were on!

We played our best.

And we had fun too!

 Pretty good crowd! They loved us, 'cause seriously, who wouldn't?

We came. We saw. We rocked their socks off.

It was a good gig. They were eating brunch, so they had food that they could've thrown and they DIDN'T. So, any gig where they don't throw food at you is a good one in my book.

It was a way awesome Saturday. Just WAIT until you see what pulled into Norm's this afternoon (we worked there after the harp gig. No rest for the wicked, or something). Next blog entry I'll show you.


- Miri


  1. Brilliant! Love it that you rocked their Sox off. LOL Wish I could have been there, but Aya, my dragon, didn't want to fly because it was raining! She's so soft sometimes, but I love her all the same.
    Did you record it? Would have been nice to listen to when we put up our tree later.
    Hugs from all at Taw Wood. XxX

  2. Hello from Spain: great meeting. Nice concert. I love the Christmas decorations. Fabulous Santa Claus .. Keep in touch

  3. Miri: I'm glad Wendy and your concert went well! But almost as importantly, YOUR outfit is adorable! (And it was nice of Santa to overlook the punching shelf-elf incident, but was he willing to overlook the ordering of termites?)

  4. It was awesome to meet you as well Miri. You both were awesome.

  5. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Looks like it was a successful gig. I knew you two would do great. Rad job, ladies. :)

    - Lily