Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 19: Christmas Gratitude

So, I about gave up this whole project.

I was kind of having some problems with being jolly anyway, and then, I heard a commercial on the radio: A divorce attorney, offering a Christmas discount special. And that was it. The final straw. No more Christmas for Miri.

I packed away the Santa hat and the itsy bitsy Christmas tree and officially declared "Bah-humbug."

But I'm so lucky to have the awesome friends I do. Some nice folks talked to me on Facebook, and encouraged me not to give up.

And then the Hittys set me straight about a few things. They pointed out that I've taken on a lot with this Advent project, then trying a 12 Days of Christmas thing, and sending out cards, gifts and whatnot and not even living in my own house. They said that maybe I was making my own season a little too stressful and not focusing on the things that matter.

There's a nice mouse couple who have taken over running the Toy Shop while Tabby is gone. They sent me this little holly plant and a Christmas book as a "getting to know you" friendship present. We're going to have dinner sometime after Christmas. Anyway, THEY pointed out that this is a very tough time of year to be working in retail, much less running a store that isn't yours and with all the stress of not knowing if you're running it the way the owner would want. (They know about this stuff, 'cause they kind of have the same thing going on at the toy shop). I hadn't thought about that at all. But I think they may be right. 

When Wendy got home, SHE pointed out that it's been really cold in the Wylde Kingdom lately, and wondered if maybe I wasn't getting enough sleep because I was too chilly. She could be right, I haven't been sleeping well. So she found me a little space heater to see if I might get some better sleep with a little more warmth.

It worked today. I had a good long sulk, lots of naps,  and spent the day wallowing in self pity and now I'm over it. You can only do that for so long, and it turns out that, for me, "so long" is about 1 day.

I'm okay. And I still love Christmas, even if it's being kind of an uphill battle sometimes. I got the hat and the itsy bitsy Christmas tree back out and we'll just see what happens.

So, thank you all for caring about me and for your help. I am so grateful to have friends who'll listen to me, and talk me through a rough spot. I am one very lucky pixie.

Thank you.

Back to your regularly scheduled Advent photo project. No more 12 Days. I just felt weird about getting stuff, stuff, and more stuff. So yeah... just pictures. Hope you don't mind.

- Miri


  1. I think it is a fabulous idea to focus on what is important and of value to you and to not overdo it trying to gain attention or please other people! Enjoy the rest of your advent!

  2. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Oh, Miri. <3 The advent was a neat idea, but being obligated to post daily can take the fun out of it for sure. Though I loved your advent photos, I love your update posts best. Even if you only post once a year, I'll still be here looking forward to the next. We love ya, Miri! Enjoy the holidays and take it easy will ya! <3

    - Lily

  3. Hello from Spain: I understand your situation. This blog has to be a hobby. You have to enjoy the post and not the post to become an obligation. Nice pictures Christmas. Keep in touch

  4. Like I always say, "Keep it fun!" :-) xo Jennifer

  5. Oh Miri, sorry I totally missed this. Happy to read you are not giving up, just tweaking it into something manageable. Cheer up, the shortest day and longest night is now and from now on, days will lengthen and moods will lighten. Have a relaxed, warm and loving Christmas and a most fabulous New Year!

  6. The Hittys sound very wise! It's tempting to try to do it all at Christmas... but much more fun to stick with the few things that give you the most joy. :)

    Merry Christmas to you! <3

  7. Oh My Goodness Miri - I did have to giggle, no way we could keep up on all this either, just too crazy busy this time of year so we opted for catch up posts when we could - I really laughed when you wrote of the divorce lawyer discounts - ScroogeiliciousMosT LOL!!!

    Personally I think you did a wonderful job with grounding us all in whats most important, and your pictures tug at my heart, as they warm our souls.

    Thank You for Being YoU! HuGs and Happy Holidays ~ LuV, TiGGy