Friday, December 06, 2013

Day 6: Up on the Rooftop...

... reindeer pause!

This reindeer is taking a pause, anyway. To stop and wonder if this really was such a good idea!

Yeah... all of the other reindeer have four feet to keep their balance. This is harder than it looks. 

Santa makes it look easy! He says "Hey, let's try this on the roof of Wightwick Manor".


- Miri the Froze Toes Reindeer


  1. As always, terrifically adorable~ The only thing chilling me is your bare feet! Even reindeer have fur on their feet. '0)

  2. Hmm, I always thought Santa was bigger!
    Neat outfit, Miranda. Now you need to sit by the fire and warm those toes!


  3. Fun! Thanks for putting a smile on my face, Miranda! xo Jennifer

  4. Cute! Are you carrying a backpack full of toys? Lazy Santa! Now quick, go warm those little toes!

  5. Hi Ann! Yeah, it was a little cold, running around barefoot. But I felt like I had better balance on the roof with bare feet. And I couldn't find just the perfect reindeer footwear (hoofwear?).

    Hey Isabelle! Well, everyone looks bigger in pictures, I think. :) Thanks! And I will. I don't have a chimney in the Green Elephant, but I do have a space heater. So I'll just hang out in front of it. It's so cold here, I had to get out a space heater! Crazy!!! Hope you're keeping warm and having a lovely December!

    Thanks, Plushpussycat! Always happy to help someone smile! :)

    Thank you, Veronique. Nope, after he suggested we go hang out on a higher roof, I ditched him. I probably wasn't getting anything anyway, since I punched that Elf on the Shelf in the nose last year

    Keeping my toes warm. Promise. Thank you for caring. :)

  6. OmG Miranda your Reindeer Outfit is EpicMosT! Must have been the kind with Hoove FootiePrints to have kept you safe so high up! Daring Miranda - You Look Wonderful!

  7. Positively brilliant! Sorry I'm too busy to comment much, but I'm reading. Have fun Miri. You always make me smile.