Monday, December 02, 2013

Day 2: Merry Chris-Moose!!!!

Day two of my advent calendar photo project. I give you - A Merry Chris-Moose!!!!

Tah - dah! Festive, no?

Yes, I totally risked life and limb, standing on a chair to bring you this picture from a super awesome angle.

I know.

You're welcome.

Also, speaking of things you'll thank me for. This is a really awesome acapella version of "Little Drummer Boy". Beautiful! Check it out! And then your ears will thank me too.

And if, like me, you now can't get enough Pentatonix here are a couple more awesome songs of theirs (not Christmas, but still awesome).

They did a cover of Radioactive with the amazingly energetic (possibly part pixie) violinist, Lindsey Stirling. It's a pretty awesome cover:

(If you have not seen/heard the original of Radioactive, you must drop everything you're doing and watch this video right now. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Not only is it an awesome, beautiful song, but the video has special meaning to the Wylde Kingdom as well. LOVE. IT.)

Also, this is their Daft Punk montage. Wendy's kind of got me on a Daft Punk "thing" so this is pretty fun.

Wow! I'm already feeling more festive and it's only day TWO! Yaay! Hope you're feeling festive too. See you tomorrow for Day #3!

- Miri


  1. Chris-moose! Heeheehee.. LOVE it! And thanks for turning me on to Pentatonix... I'd never heard of them! But wow they are awesome! And I think you are right, that violinist must be part pixie! :-)

  2. I'm really glad you like them, DLSarmywife! I think they're amazing. And yeah... totally part pixie. Check this out, she's WAY showing her pixie roots in this one - AND that was shot in Colorado, too! Extra cool!

    Anyway, glad you liked the Chris-Moose too!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Never heard of them, but awesome!!!! You seem to be getting the hang of this Christmas mood thing... :-)

  4. Hi Veronique! Aren't they fabulous? Very talented humans! And yeah... I'm working on it. Little by little, feeling a little merrier each day. :) Hope you're doing well too!

  5. Anonymous10:02 AM

    How awesome are Pentatonix? I came across them earlier this year while Youtubing Radioactive. Super talented group. Love the Christmas Moose! I'm so glad you're posting again, Miri. I've missed the Kingdom. :)

    - Lily

  6. Merry Chris-moose! Ha ha!
    I loved the videos! Never heard of Pentatonix either, but I really liked listening and watching them.
    The "Little Drummer Boy" reminded me of another version of this song performed by Sean Quigley. (He was 16 when he recorded his version and he did all the music by himself. Another talented human musician!)
    I love how you are getting into the Christmas spirit.

  7. Hey Lily! Aren't they nifty? I really like them. Talented bunch of humans, that's for sure. Aww, and thanks. It's kind of weird being the only pixie here, but it's okay. I think I'm settling in and blogging more kind of helps. It's nice to think someone out there want to read it. :) You're awesome.

    Hi Isabelle! I'm glad you liked it! I'll have to check out the Sean Quigley version! Thanks for the tip! And yeah, working on Christmas spirit and all. So far, so good. :) Uh... 22 more days to go? Wish me luck!

  8. Merry Chris Moose Indeed - and Gotta LuV Da Attitude - and outfit too - Miranda this is an Awesome Project!