Monday, December 16, 2013

18 Wheels of AWESOME

It has been a totally crazy day here, at the Green Elephant. Customers EVERYWHERE!!! It was awesome, but really unexpected. I may have to hire help for the rest of the Christmas season! Yikes!

But, now that we're closed, and everyone is gone, I can tell you about the cool thing that happened last Saturday!!!

After our awesome music gig, we headed over to Norm's Dollhouse to work.

Turns out, the super awesome laser sign guy, Jeff, brought in one of his toys just for me to see (well, maybe for everyone to see, but I'm the only one it's the right size for, so for ME. Right? Right.)

Check it out.

It's a perfect MY size Semi Truck!!!!

 It pulled up to the garage behind the Manor for something.

 Like, for photo ops for ME!

Check me out. Wendy says I look like a lot lizard. Whatever that is. But I like reptiles, so it's all good.

I need to hang around the garage more often. I love cars and trucks and things. These were both awesome.

I look like I should be on a calendar IN the garage. I didn't change after the Christmas gig. But I didn't know I'd be doing a photo shoot, either.  

If I had the right license, I could totally drive this. And drive it I would because...

There is plenty of storage. 

 For, ya know...

 Whoever Whatever you might want to store in a freezer truck.

It's huge, and it's beautiful, and I love it.

The trailer comes off, which is nice.

This is just the truck part. It's so CUTE!

Dear Santa, I know what I would like for Christmas. And I promise not to put anyone anything in it that doesn't absolutely belong in a freezer truck. Promise.

Oh, and did I mention I got VIDEO of it too? This truck ROCKS!!!


Laser Guy, Jeff, thank you SO MUCH for letting me play with your awesome semi. It's way, way cool. I want one. A lot.

- Miri


  1. Dear Miri,
    This is Cordie's Mama. Cordie can't read your blog today. If she did, then she would want a semi, too.

  2. LOL! Hey Cordie's Mama! If anyone needs a semi, it's probably Cordie. Just one? :)

  3. Fun post! You look really hot in that outfit, BTW. That trucker might have his eye on you. Just sayin'. ;-) xo Jennifer

  4. Thanks, Plushpussycat! *blush* And yeah... I like that outfit a lot. But I can only get away with wearing it around Christmas time. Alas. Or maybe it's for the best. :) Thank you!!!

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  6. Very nice truck! I want goes so fast too!
    Imagine all the ice cream you could put in there. That would be the best vehicle to take to the supermarket during the summer months to keep your frozen food cold!
    Hmmm, yes, it is really a neat truck!

  7. O my! That is one cool truck!!! And it suits you so well, it's made for you!! I am sure you would never lock in anyone/thing without their permission :-) :-)
    To the box truck Baby!

    I still have a lot of catching up to do on your latest posts but this one really caught my eye!


  8. Hello from Spain. great truck. I really like the Christmas outfit. Keep in touch