Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Day 4: Festive Comfort Cookies

I didn't do much festive today. I'm so worried about Lenore trying to come home, I just didn't do anything Christmas-ish or Merry at all.

She said she'd meet us at the Manor tomorrow morning, even though I don't think she's left the Southern Hemisphere (Seelie Court) yet.

Why the Manor?

How on Earth is she getting here that fast?

We've all tried talking her out of this trip. It's dangerous, and unnecessary. But she just won't listen.
 And if the Unseelie don't find her and kill her, I just might.

Rotten, stubborn, wonderful kid. *sigh*

Anyway, fortunately for me (and my Advent project), the Hittys sent over a super cute floral arrangement and some homemade sugar cookies. Mmm... cookies.

I feel better already. Sort of.

I just want her to be safe. You know? I'll let you know as soon as I do, what happens. But I just hope she's safe. 

- Miri


  1. Yes, please! Do let us know when she's safe!! This is a very stressful situation. I might just eat all the cookies the Hittys made...

  2. Hey Vernoique!

    Yeah, I put up the blog entry, and she's fine. Which is good. But... I did eat all the cookies. They were good too. :)

  3. TiGGy said she snagged a bite o Cookie too and offered expert protection escort to Leonore - though it will cost more Yummy Cookies LOL! Wow, Good for you managing to keep putting up a photo each day - You look Beautiful Miranda!