Monday, September 28, 2015

Get a House Lose a House Get a House

So here's why I had to suddenly do some house rethinking. See, I had it all figured out. The Pepperwood Farm was going to belong to my brother, Sebastian, and his wife, Eris.

All figured out. Easy peasy. Until I get a call from Eris & Sebastian saying they'd like to visit the FAO Schwartz house.

And I'm all "sure! No problem!" 'cause it didn't even occur to me WHY they would want to see it.

'Cause I figured they were settled on the Pepperwood Farm because it was PERFECT for them!

Sebastian is a mad scientist, always working on stuff, and I figured that huge attic would be perfect for his experiments and all that. And I was right.

Except for one little thing that made MY house more just a little MORE perfect.

I knew I was in trouble when they started giving each other these meaningful glances in the house. I knew they liked it. 'Cause what's not to like? It's an awesome house.

But it was the weird little room at the top of the stairs they were most fascinated with. It's super small. In fact I was going to make it into a linen closet. But they saw another use for it.

See, Sebastian is a shapeshifter. But not on purpose. He can't control it, and sometimes he just turns into all kinds of critters. He hasn't turned into anything dangerous lately (like that time when he turned into a snake and BIT me!), but just in case, they would like any house they get to have a "holding room", where he can hang out, safely, as a whatever he turned into.

And honestly, that IS a pretty good use for that room, and a good reason why this house is a better fit for them than the Pepperwood Farm.

So I told them that was fine, we could totally trade. And that made them so happy, and content, I caught them holding hands and making goo goo eyes at each other on the balcony.

I have a feeling they're taking my lawn chairs too. *sigh*

So that's what happened. They like the house, it suits them, and the Pepperwood Farm was always the house Wendy had in mind for me anyway. So I'm totally sister of the year because I gave them the FAO house, 'cause they like it so much.

They like my car too, but I'm not THAT great a sister. They are just going to have to find their own car. Just sayin'.

- Miri

Some Rethinking to Do

I thought I knew who the Pepperwood Farm belonged to.

 But the conversation I just had with the potential new owners kind of tipped everything on its head.

So now... maybe it's mine.

Is it too much house for one pixie? But isn't that AWESOME?

Hmm... some rethinking to do, I guess.

- Miri

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Another House in the Wylde Kingdom

I spent my day hanging around Norm's Dollhouse.

I was there to see about a house. 

 Nah, not this one. Though I love the Westminster a lot.

No, this was a different house. And it's not even for me.

Yeah, you might think I meant the Lace House. And there IS one of those moving in.

It's not for me either, though I do love this house.

No... this was an entirely new house, but one we've wanted for a long, long time.

I came to see about a Pepperwood Farm a Norm's customer was bringing in for us.

We love this house. It's fully enclosed, which is AWESOME (and a lot less drafty if you're a pixie living in it).

And they brought us THIS! A beautifully constructed Pepperwood Farm shell!

Oh sure, it doesn't look like much now, but the carpentry on this is magnificent, and the shell is the foundation and thus the most important part of the whole house.

It's spacious. It's supposed to be a farm house, but the ceilings down here are 12" tall.

I can totally see a Christmas Tree going right here, in this beautiful bay. *sigh* I love bay windows.

There is so much potential in this house.

 They did this super cool modification and instead of sloping roof, they gave it a deck! A DECK! AWESOME!

No, it isn't my house (I have one already) but I think I may know just the pixies for this. We'll have to see.

Once we get it back to the Kingdom, we can let everyone wander through it and see who falls in love.

I'll keep you posted.

- Miri

P.S. If you'd like to see more pictures of this house, they're here - Meeting the Pepperwood Farm on Midnight in the Dollhouse.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wrapping Up the Fall Show & Cookies!

I JUST realized that I never finished telling you about the Fall Show.

Isabella Fontana came to visit us. She was the only other companion doll I saw at the ENTIRE show! Which just seems silly to me. It's the perfect place for pixie shopping. Weird.

There was a raffle. There is a raffle every year. And every year, the raffle items get COOLER.

I took a moment to visit that super awesome Mountain Cottage that was next door to us.

It was even cooler on the INSIDE!

The bedroom was super cozy, and there was even a fire going.

I laid down for just a second, to rest my eyes....

and fell asleep. Of course.

There was barely time to get my raffle tickets in! There was this super cool souvenir shop thingy.

It didn't take long to figure out this was what I wanted to win. The structure was even built by that David guy at Norm's Dollhouse!

And in went all my tickets.

I didn't win anything, though. Because I never do. I'm just not a lucky kind of pixie, I guess.

The End. That was the end of the show. Until next year, anyway.

And now it's really, OFFICIALLY Fall. The equinox was just a few days ago and everything.

So Devika is baking Halloween cookies for Midnight in the Dollhouse to sell at Norm's. I had to try some. She said I tried too many and then she threw me out of her kitchen. Harumph!

Those black cat cookies were mighty DELICIOUS, though.

 So today I'm hanging out, checking my email and stuff, from upstairs at the Green Elephant. And Mr. Thorne brought me CANDY CORN.


And that's about all I have to report for now. So back to surfing Facebook and stuffing my face with Candy Corn.

I love Fall. Pumpkin flavored everything and candy corn. Yaay!

- Miri

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Birthday Present - VROOM!!!!!

My birthday was the 9th, so it was decided I could pick a birthday present from the Miniatures Show.

I did consider one of those houses next door (Google "Awesomed" this picture from my last blog entry. Kinda cool.)

But over lunch (delicious salad) I considered that I already HAVE a house, I just need to work on it and make it awesome. I figured just the perfect thing would find me.

And it did.

Across the way, another vendor had a car lot going.

Dodge Viper. Pretty car.

But it just didn't feel right. Oh, it's a sweet lookin' car all right, but... it wasn't IT.

I knew IT when I saw her.

1958 Chevy Corvette. Clean engine.

A trunk just the right size to fit my evil sister groceries.

They offered to let me sit in the car and make "vroom" noises. 

 So I did.

And that was when I knew for sure I'd found my birthday present.

Happy Birthday to Me some more!!!


- Miri