Friday, September 11, 2015

Setting Up at the Annual Fall Miniatures Show!

The Fall Show is finally here!!!

Since I don't currently have a vehicle, I had a ask a friend to help me get all the stuff the Wylde Kingdom was selling to the show. 

Mr. Franklin Shellington is a good friend of mine. A good friend with a camper.

I pulled up in the hotel parking lot just after he did.

Odd having cargo that you're looking at looking back at you.

Lots of stuff to unpack and carry in. Mr. Shellington is kind of... uh... slow moving (though he's a fast driver).

So it was mostly me and a two-wheeler. But I got it done.

So the Norm's Dollhouse table (all SIXTEEN FEET of it!) turned out really cool looking.

From a distance, things looked set up nicely.

And that's important, 'cause it's got to be eye catching to get humans to come shop.

But I wanted to do a walk-through of the specifically Wylde Kingdom parts, just to see how they looked on pixie level (just in case any pixies come shopping, you know.)

C&M sent a bunch of "used" books to the show.

Some pretty awesome titles, and these are all ACTUAL books. Like with writing in them. And they're not just for pixies, because if YOU have a sudden shrinking accident you would totally want something good to read.

We have a couple of new titles too - an astronomy book called The Stars and from Harry Potter, The Tale of the Three Brothers.

So that's some pretty cool stuff, right there.

Devika, our plant pixie, has also been growing trees. TREES!!!

I don't consider myself a "tree hugger" but I do really like these trees. (I look like a High School student in a Senior yearbook picture here, though.)

These are all those puppets that Taelyn, Devika and I were working on.

Devika has been a very busy plant pixie. She finally grew some more Rocky Mountain Eyeris plants for us.

They're fun plants, even if you should have some Visine on hand if you're going to own one.

Anyway... pretty good walkthrough. And while doing some minor straightening, I spotted a super cool  neighbor in the dealers room. But I'll have to tell you about that next time, because I am BEAT and I need some sleep!

Tomorrow is another busy day at the Fall Show!!

More updates to come.

- Miri


  1. So wished I could have gone. Your items are beyond wonderful!

  2. Aww, thanks Loveday!!! I wish you could've gone too. There was a lot of really cool stuff, not just ours, LOTS! You would've had a great time. Maybe next time!