Sunday, January 27, 2008

Athena Takes a Hostage

(just for you, LadyDragonfly!)

(sounds of Wendy typing at her computer)

Athena: *ahem* Um... excuse me, Wendy?

Wendy: Hi, Athena! What's up? Everything okay? You settling in all right?

Athena: Oh, yes... yes I love the Treehouse. My minions... er, the other dolls have all been most kind.

Wendy: Good, good...

Athena: I was really just wondering if maybe you'd gotten around to um... painting those boots for me? You know, so I don't have to go around barefoot anymore.

Wendy: Oh, no. No I haven't. It's been too windy and I can't spray them with the sealer when the winds are this fierce.

Athena: I see... Fierce winds eh? Very well, Mortal. Do you even know where they ARE?

Wendy: "Mortal"? Uh... yeah. Hang on they're over here, in this box... somewhere...

(sounds of Wendy digging through box of doll stuff)

*dig dig dig rummage rummage dig*

Wendy: Aha!

Wendy: There they are! I knew they were in there.

Athena: I see. Well... no Goddess should have to put up with this kind of treatment. Foolish, foolish Mortal. This will not do.

Wendy: Uh... you're not really THE Athena... you're just named...

Athena: SILENCE!

Athena: Very well, Mortal. You have left me no choice!

Wendy: What?

Athena: Do you recognize this object, Mortal?

Wendy: That would be my engagement ring, yes. Give me that...

Athena: NO! It is now my HOSTAGE!

Wendy: Hostage?!

Athena: Yes. And it shall be returned to you upon my approval of your expedient boot painting.

Wendy: Well I... but...

Athena: Unless you would like to explain to your fiance' why you have no engagement ring?

Wendy: Strangely enough, I think he actually WOULD believe me if I told him a psychotic fairy doll with delusions of grandeur took it...

Athena: SILENCE, Mortal!

Athena: Don't you have some painting to do? Hmmm? Farewell!

Wendy: Well.... how do you like that?


And just because she's so cute -

Athena: I am not CUTE! I am the Goddess of War for crying out loud!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Misha is Homesick

(early Sunday afternoon at the Treehouse)

(sound of beeping alarm clock)

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep...


Misha: *groan*

Misha: Oh... shut up you infernal thing... I was just having the most wonderful dream...

Misha: ... about home... *sigh*

Misha: Well, no point to dwelling on that. Up. Up. Up!

Misha: Get dressed... get some breakfast...

Misha: ... go check on Miranda and see how she's doing.

Misha: I really should just be grateful that she called when she did, and that she's all right.

Misha: Yes... that could've been a very different phone call if that Eris person hadn't gotten there just in time to keep the snake bite from being fatal.

Misha: And that her sister had this lovely little rustic rental house come available just in time for me to come and stay!

Misha: *sigh* No doubting the "rustic" part... that's for sure.

Misha: Well, I'm sure Ariel wouldn't mind if I did a little redecorating...

Misha: And Miranda DID say it was "rustic" on the phone...

Misha: Though maybe she wasn't all that clear on just HOW rustic... *sigh*

Misha: Oh, who am I kidding? I miss New York.... though I doubt it misses me.

Misha: Well, some redecorating and I can make this work. Yes I can! But first, breakfast and a visit to Miranda!