Sunday, January 27, 2008

Athena Takes a Hostage

(just for you, LadyDragonfly!)

(sounds of Wendy typing at her computer)

Athena: *ahem* Um... excuse me, Wendy?

Wendy: Hi, Athena! What's up? Everything okay? You settling in all right?

Athena: Oh, yes... yes I love the Treehouse. My minions... er, the other dolls have all been most kind.

Wendy: Good, good...

Athena: I was really just wondering if maybe you'd gotten around to um... painting those boots for me? You know, so I don't have to go around barefoot anymore.

Wendy: Oh, no. No I haven't. It's been too windy and I can't spray them with the sealer when the winds are this fierce.

Athena: I see... Fierce winds eh? Very well, Mortal. Do you even know where they ARE?

Wendy: "Mortal"? Uh... yeah. Hang on they're over here, in this box... somewhere...

(sounds of Wendy digging through box of doll stuff)

*dig dig dig rummage rummage dig*

Wendy: Aha!

Wendy: There they are! I knew they were in there.

Athena: I see. Well... no Goddess should have to put up with this kind of treatment. Foolish, foolish Mortal. This will not do.

Wendy: Uh... you're not really THE Athena... you're just named...

Athena: SILENCE!

Athena: Very well, Mortal. You have left me no choice!

Wendy: What?

Athena: Do you recognize this object, Mortal?

Wendy: That would be my engagement ring, yes. Give me that...

Athena: NO! It is now my HOSTAGE!

Wendy: Hostage?!

Athena: Yes. And it shall be returned to you upon my approval of your expedient boot painting.

Wendy: Well I... but...

Athena: Unless you would like to explain to your fiance' why you have no engagement ring?

Wendy: Strangely enough, I think he actually WOULD believe me if I told him a psychotic fairy doll with delusions of grandeur took it...

Athena: SILENCE, Mortal!

Athena: Don't you have some painting to do? Hmmm? Farewell!

Wendy: Well.... how do you like that?


And just because she's so cute -

Athena: I am not CUTE! I am the Goddess of War for crying out loud!