Monday, June 10, 2013

The Only One...

Maybe there should have only ever been one.

Maybe things would've been different and not have gotten so completely out of control and insane.

I dunno.

It doesn't matter now.

A quick update: A bunch of the pictures on this blog are broken for right now, but they'll be back. I switched from Flickr to Ipernity and I just need to re-upload some of the pictures. They'll be back as time permits. :)

A bunch of the BJDs will finally be finding their way to Ebay and elsewhere. It's weird. After handling the Woodlees, I have a hard time wanting to even touch the BJDs now.

Except for one.


In the beginning, there was Lenore. She was THE doll that got me interested in BJDs in the first place. A lot of people think it was Miranda, and while Miranda was the first I brought home (I picked her and Rabbit, a DIM Marianne, up at the same time. So technically they were BOTH first), Lenore was the first doll who captured my heart.

Not just that KIND of doll.

THE doll.

I am so lucky to have her.

Lenore Looks On 1
I almost lost her. Her previous owner listed her on Ebay in the middle of the night one evening, and had it not been for a bad case of insomnia, I might have lost her forever.

But instead, she came to live with me.

Lenore Reading Before Bed

She was the one I'd wanted. The moment I saw her on Elisa's blog, I loved her. She was my favorite. I told everyone so. But I continued to bring home more, and more and more dolls. Looking for something... I don't even know what.

Lenore's Tent

And through it all, she patiently waited.

Jasmine Tells a Spooky Tale
She was always tolerant of the others. She even sometimes seemed to sort of like them. But still.

Lenore's Bear
She wanted to be the only one.

Maybe every doll wants that.

I don't know.

But now.

After nearly 8 years.

She is.


- Wendy