Friday, November 28, 2014


I spent my Thanksgiving dressed as a Turkey.

For a good cause, though. I was a volunteer with the Turkey Protection Program this year.

Two of them hid out with me for a few days. They're calmer if they feel they're among other turkeys, thus the costume. (Also, if we got caught, I could've used MY costume to convince any turkey stealers that the turkeys were just pixies in costume too. BRILLIANT pixie subterfuge if I do say so myself.)

But now Thanksgiving is all over. The turkeys are safe for another year and it's on to Christmas at Norm's Dollhouse!

Wightwick Manor is all decorated and ready for dollhouse shoppers to come in and enjoy! I'm excited about this Christmas and now I'm headed off to work at the dollhouse store!

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

- Miri

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Will Work for Minis

"Will work for minis". And I mean it too. Though, mostly, I'd just like my job at Norm's back.

And a house. I'd really like a house again. And if I get a job at Norm's, I can have both! Minis AND a house to put them in. Right? Right.

I got bored in the fairy realms. The fae are BO-RING. The world of humans is much more interesting. I missed it.

And I missed some of the humans in it too.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Support BJD Artists Day

I'm not in the BJD hobby anymore, but I think this is important.

Today has been declared Support the BJD Artists day, and even without being in the hobby, I'm proud to lend my support to them. The amazing dreamers turned sculptors who create these gorgeous dolls should not be stolen from. Recasting their doll is no more flattering than breaking into their house and stealing their TV.

So Lenore and Cybelle have a message for today.

Without the artists, there ARE no more BJDs.

No recasts.


- Wendy