Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas! (Presents with Miranda and Juno)

My sister, Juno, stayed over with me last night. Honestly, she doesn't have a house of her own, so I told her she could just stay with me as long as she wants. We were great roommates before, I think it'll work out.

We wandered downstairs, and checked out presents even before coffee!

And there actually were some! Santa brought Juno something! 

I got a present from my buddy, Lori, of Happily Ever After in Virginia. She's awesome. 

And she sent me awesome, super comfy cozy slippers! These are so cool! Thank you, Lori!!!

A present came along with the Major Award, from my friend Zorropirate and her army of Latis, but I didn't want to open it until Christmas. 

It was cleverly wrapped in a gum box. This is pretty brilliant.

Oh! OH!!! It's a PSP!!! My very own! Oh wow! Thank you, Zorropirate! Thank you so much!!! I love it!!

Juno pointed out that I got a Santa present. And rather than the lump of coal I was expecting, for having punched an Elf on the Shelf, I got a beautiful little glass horse! There was a note that said "Dear Miranda, Punching people is naughty. But defending your friends is nice. So let's call this one even.  Love, Santa "

Which is way awesome.

I asked Juno what she got from Santa, and she just seemed confused. She said it was a lot of legalese looking papers, something about a "ground-breaking" in late Spring and "historic significance". There was also a book on "Painted Lady" houses and a building permit. And I was confused too until she looked up at me and said...

"Miranda, what's a 'Lace House'?"

Oooh boy. I'll guess I won't have her as a roommate for all THAT long. Santa gave her a Lace House!!!

Anyway, now we're off to get ready to head over to Devika's for Christmas there too! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and got everything you wanted from Santa!

Thank you so much Lori and Zorropirate. You guys are the best.

- Miri

Monday, December 24, 2012

Why Miranda Won't Be Getting Anything from Santa This Year...

So that's it then.

No Santa presents for me. Ever. Maybe. Probably.

You see,it all started when...

I was walking home from Gus and Salome's house.

Miranda: *humming to self* Wait. What the?

Elf: HI! HI! Tee hee hee!

Miranda: So uh... what are you supposed to be exactly?

Elf: I'm the ELF ON THE SHELF!!! Tee hee hee!!!

Miranda: Well, you're on a mantle, but whatever. So... are you new here? I haven't seen you around before.

Elf: Me? New? Tee hee hee hee!! Oh golly no, silly! I've been in Wendy's family for YEARS!!!

Elf: It's MY job to watch over human children and make sure they're goooood. And if they're NOT good, I go back to the North Pole every night and tell Santa, so he can add them to his "naughty" list! Tee hee hee.

Miranda: Well, if you're watching Wendy you should know, she's not naughty, she's just nuts. 

Elf: Tee hee hee!!! Oh, I've had PLENTY of things to report to Santa about HER. No presents! No presents for naughty children! Tee hee hee!!! 

Miranda: But that's awful. Why would you do that?

Elf: Santa pays us in CANDY! Delicious, delicious caaaaaandy. I just got a raise just this year: three more gummy worms for each "naughty" reported. Delicious gummy worms. Tee hee hee hee!!!

Miranda: And you've been doing this for YEARS you say?

Elf: Oh yes! I've been watching Wendy and her brother for YEARS and YEARS! I'm why she never got a pony (she fed her brother a mud pie! NAUGHTY!!!!) and why she didn't get the Barbie town home she wanted so badly when she was 6 (she didn't do the dishes one evening, she let the dog lick them clean instead! NAUGHTY!) Tee hee hee hee!!!

Miranda: Huh... I see. Well, I think I've got something you can report to Santa.

Elf: Oh, really?

Miranda: Yeah, really. Come closer...


Elf: OOOOWWWWWWW!!!! YOU HID ME! You hid me in duh node!!! You can't hid an Elf on duh Shelf! I'm gonna dell Sanda!!! I'll dell!!! You'll never ever never ged anodder Sanda predent ever! You hear me?!? OH! My node!!!! You broke my cute buddon node!!!!

Miranda: Whatever, narc. You can tell Santa that here, in the Wylde Kingdom, Snitches get Stitches.

Miranda: So yeah... no more Santa presents for me, I guess. But when I tell Wendy about the pony thing, I'll bet she'll get me something nice anyway.

Miranda: Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve, even if you didn't get to punch an Elf on the Shelf in the nose.

- Miri

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Bad News and the Good News

  I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go.That's the bad news part.

We got a bunch of snow in Colorado, and there's just no way I can have pixies trying to drive in this stuff tonight.

 So we're having to cancel the big, annual Christmas party at Wightwick Manor this evening.

I am totally bummed.

The good news, is that it's all supposed to melt off by this weekend, so we're going to have the music recital, put on by the students of the Wylde Kingdom School of Music, at the Manor this weekend instead! So that'll be nice.

It's no Christmas party, but it's okay. I'd never forgive myself if someone got hurt trying to get to the party tonight.

And that leads us into the GOOD news!

C&M called me and said there was a huge, wooden crate there for me! So I headed straight over!

Harley met me at the door and told me I had "a major award."  Which I told her was ridiculous, because I hadn't entered any contests or anything. And then I saw it...

It is! It's a Major Award!!!

Oooh, Fra-Gee-Lay! It must be Italian!

While Harley got me tools for crate opening, I checked out the gift tag on the package. This is from my awesome Lati friends and their companion, Zorropirate, way up in Canada!  (The wrapped present will be going straight under my tree at home. I'll open it Christmas Eve!)

Harley returned with tools, and I was ready for crate destruction opening.

But really, I just had to cut the top wire on the crate was all. Not hard to get into. And there it was! In all of it's beauty!!!

My very own LEG LAMP!!! Straight out of A Christmas Story (which is one of my favorite holiday movies of all time.)  It was made by my buddy Zorropirate and her Lati army. So amazing! So COOL!!!

Harley figured out the light switch for me and there it was!!!

A lamp of indescribable beauty!!!

It shall dwell in the big, bay window of C&M for at least the holidays. Maybe forever. I can't wait for Clara to see it!!! It's so beautiful!

Zorropirate and Canadian Latis: thank you SO MUCH!!! It's so wonderful, and I love it more than I can even tell you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And Merry Christmas!!!

- Miri

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Early Christmas Present or How the House Saga Ends...

Waay back in July, I got the opportunity to bid on a house that I'd wanted for ages in a pixie police auction. And some of you may remember that I got outbid. I kind of thought that was the end of it.

But it wasn't.

 It's HERE!!! David and Wendy got it for me for Christmas! I'm told I'm better off not asking what strings they pulled to get it for me, so I'm not asking. I'm just so happy it's here!!!

So I spent all day yesterday moving in. It still needs some work (like I need to paint this front door) but it's AMAZING! Wanna see? Come on in!

First thing in the living room: my case for my glass animal collection! 

That beautiful white bunny in the middle? That came from my buddy Zorropirate. She is such a sweetie. I love him. I'm just so happy to finally have a place they can be OUT and on display, instead of in storage. 

 Anyway, so this is the living room. I need to decorate my tree, since I'm thinking I'll have a little Christmas Eve party here (Devika always does Christmas at her house). We'll see.

 This is the dining room.

 And the kitchen. I love this kitchen. So. Much.

Stairs are temporary stairs until we can get decent built in ones. But they'll work for now. They just need a railing.

So this is the hallway. 

Guest room.

Not that I get guests, but maybe if I have a guest room I will. Wendy's been talking with a friend about dolly visits: someone from the Kingdom visiting the Attic and someone from the Attic coming here. We'll see! I hope it's someone who fits in my guest room.

Tiny bathroom. Which is cute. But, is it like the guest bathroom?  I'll show you why I ask.

I haven't really decided what to do with this room. 

I think it's supposed to be maybe a Master Bathroom, but it is seriously RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the other bathroom. So do I really need two side by side bathrooms? 

But it does have a door right into my bedroom, so that would be kind of handy. I dunno. I'd love to hear what you think in the comments. Let me know!

So this was the best Christmas present EVER. Thank you so much David and Wendy for doing this. It means a lot. Home for the holidays, indeed. 

And I think Bean and I are going to be very happy here. Aren't we, Bean? Yeah. :)

- Miri