Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dakota's Homecoming


Agatha: Hey, uh... I thought we were just taking a break from waiting for Dakota. What are you guys doing?

Pippa: It's after 6 p.m. UPS won't come today. They must've gotten delayed for snow or something.

Agatha: Um... but it's not snowing?

Kaya: It's snowing somewhere right?

Agatha: Well, okay. I'm still going to go watch for a little while longer. The dogs keep barking, but Trygve says it's because Miss Wendy is sick and they're jumpy like that. But just in case.

Pippa: Okay, have fun.

Kaya: Yep, bye.

(Later, as Agatha is wandering through the foyer)

Agatha: OH! A box... it's the right size... and... oh....

Agatha: Um.... hello? Is anyone in there?

Box: *mumble... murphle... thump*

Agatha: Dakota? Is that you?


Agatha: Oh my goodness! Dakota! We... oh! I have to get you out of there! Um.... okay, hang on!!

*rip, shred, shred*

Agatha: Okay, Dakota! Push UP on the box lid! PUSH!

Agatha: Got it!

Dakota: Ahhhhh. Air!!! *deep breath* So... sleepy...

Agatha: Dakota! I need you to stay awake for me, please. Let me pull you out....

Dakota: You can't. There's things around my feet and my neck... I can't get them off. So... tired....

Agatha: No, oh no. Don't go back to sleep. Oh please, Dakota. How am I going to....?

Bijou: Oh... what are YOU making all this noise over, eh?

Agatha: Oh! Thank Goodness! She's just gotten back from the doll hospital, and she can't stay awake and I can't get her out of her box. You can help me!

Bijou: *snort* It's another one of YOU. Bleah.

Agatha: What? But...

Bijou: Your kind are not welcome here. We're only putting up with you because you won't be here very long.

Agatha: Won't be here very...? What on earth are you talking about? Miss Wendy LOVES us!

Bijou: Oh yes, yes she does. But we figure, she outgrew baby dolls once.... she'll outgrow you again. So you might as well just leave her in her box. It'll make it easier to get shipped off. Maybe you should just throw yourself in too. Save us all some time. *snicker*

Dakota: *zzzzzzzzzz*

Agatha: Well, at least you didn't have to hear that. Why that... how COULD she say such things? Oh!

Agatha: Okay, Dakota. You have to wake up. I have a plan... but I don't know if you're going to like it.

Dakota: Hu.... wuh....?

Agatha: UGH! Lean forward, Dakota! As much as you can! Lean forward! Please! OOF!

Agatha: There now! Um, hello.

Dakota: Hi!

Agatha: Okay, so here's the part of the plan you might not like so much.... ready? One! Two! Three! *push*

Dakota: GAAAAAAH!!!



Kaya: Hey... did you hear something?

Pippa: Just the sound of me winning at connect four. Why? *laughing*

Kaya: *laughing* Oh! You think so hu? Watch THIS!

Pippa: *laugh*

(meanwhile, back downstairs)

Agatha: I'm getting the shipping box off! *oof* You try to kick your feet out of the ties, okay?

Dakota: *muffled* Okay!

Agatha: Ooooooof! There *shove*

Agatha: Are you okay?

Dakota: Yeah... at least I'm awake now. *laugh*

Agatha: *laughing* Okay, I'm pushing you back up on your feet. Try to push with me okay?

Agatha: Hi again.

Dakota: Hi there! (booting out rubber band) I don't think you're going to be able to pull the rubber band off my neck from the front.

Agatha: There's a "thing" on the back holding it, if I try pulling on that maybe? I'll try not to strangle you.

Dakota: I would like that best, thank you. *laugh*

Agatha: Okay... if I can just get my fingers under this little bit right here..... *twang* GOT IT!

Agatha: Um... I hope I didn't hurt you.

Dakota: You didn't. Not at all.

Agatha: So... uh... my name is Agatha and uh....


Agatha: OOF! Well, you're welcome.

Agatha: I was thinking that maybe we could be friends?

Dakota: We already are! Where's Miss Wendy? She's who I expected to see first. Unless... unless she changed her mind while I was away and...

Agatha: Oh, no. No it's nothing like that. She's got a really bad cold and she's been in bed all day. I'm sure she didn't even hear the truck arrive! She's going to be so happy to see you, Dakota! She's missed you so much. You'll see. For now, let's get you dressed and settled a bit. May I carry your balloon for you?

Dakota: Oh, sure.

Agatha: I made some dresses for you and I hope you like them.

Dakota: I'm sure they'll be wonderful. Thank you so much!

Agatha: Welcome to the Treehouse, Dakota. Um... AGAIN!

Both: *laughing*

(So Dakota came home to the Treehouse, and because I have the plauge, I totally missed it. D'oh! - Wendy)