Friday, August 29, 2014

Miranda Wandered

All of the pixies have wandered away, back to their pixie homelands where they are safe, and sound and happy.

But you can check out "Other Places to Wander" on the right of this page, to find more awesome adventures to follow!

It's been a long, strange, but mostly wonderful trip. Thank you.

- Wendy

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Just an Update from Norm's

Oh look, more rain. I don't remember moving to Seattle. Huh. So aside from being a little damp, things at Norm's are great!

Annual August sale - going GREAT!

 Summer Sale!!!

Did you hear something?

Anyway, the Summer Sale is going along swimmingly and I remain an awesome spokes pixie (because seriously, who doesn't need an awesome spokes pixie?)

The "Put Yourself in Our Place" selfie contest is going pretty good too. I had to withdraw my selfie from the contest, 'cause I work here again, but that just means YOU should come visit us at Norm's and enter! You could win a gift certificate! Just for taking a selfie!

Our little raffle structure for the September Miniatures Show is DONE! And I'm really pleased with it.

A little bit of moss gives just a nice touch of color. MY idea, of course.

The inside is all finished. Hardwood floor, baseboard, crown molding. I am really liking this wallpaper.

I think I will make it into a glass animal shop if I win it.  Oh yes, I am totally entering the raffle for this.

Never trust a builder who doesn't want to own their own building.

Just sayin'.

There'll be other cool stuff in the raffle as well. Probably not as cool as my building, but you never know. They get cool stuff at the show.

Some lucky person/pixie will be claiming the keys to this building! Could be you! Might be me! (I hope it's me. Nothing personal.)

But now is not the time to rest, even though THAT building is done...

 Now it's on to this gigantic building.

I'm turning this into an art gallery. In a week or so.

My art procurement person is bringing me art the 16th, so I have to have it kind of done so we can figure out where all the art goes.  It's ambitious, I know. Especially considering I have no idea what I'm doing.

But when has not knowing what I was doing ever stopped me before?

*shrug* Wish me luck anyway! 

- Miri

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Progress Marches On - #2

Stucco is up and drying! This little building is coming along pretty quickly now. 

 We've done a lot with the inside since I last showed it to you too.

It's almost finished. Oooooh, the potential!

It could be a little shop, or a studio, or anything! I'd make it into a little shop, I think. With shelves everywhere. But I just like shops, I guess.

It's so close to done, we went ahead and autographed it. Wendy & David autographed the bottom. I left my autograph on one of the corners. Little different from theirs, but I like it. 

This is going to be a great little building for whoever wins the raffle for it at the September miniatures show.

Could be you! What would YOU make this little shop into? Hmm?

- Miri

Monday, August 11, 2014

Progress Marches On - #1

So our little donation is coming right along. 

 It's because my crew (that would be David and Wendy) have a great supervisor (that would be me).

The brick is up, and it looks pretty good. 

 Needs something though. Some color. We probably need to crack it and add some pretty, green moss.

 Where's my sledge hammer?

Just kidding.... or, am I?

- Miri

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The September Projects

More rain. But that's okay, there's a LOT to do inside Norm's today.

We've got two big projects to finish for the museum's annual September Show. And this is one of them.

This is going to be an art gallery. Yeah... well, eventually. First...a slightly smaller (and slightly simpler) project.

This little structure is going to be our donation to the museum raffle at the September Show.

Just a simple little shop. David normally makes our structures, but he's busy with this huge refurbish so this is from a kit, which is okay too.

A little bit of aging solution, the floor is polished and we're well on our way!

I can influence lots of things, and get things to do what I want. But making things dry faster is not something I can do. So, time to go home.

To my NEW (old) home, the Green Elephant! It's perfect!

This is a lot bigger than the apartment over the toy shop. It's all roomy and awesome.

Feels like home!
So yeah, that was my day. Rainstorm, construction, and home to my awesome new apartment.

Hope your day was awesome too. See you later!

Night night.

- Miri

Friday, August 08, 2014

Fairy Gardening (Kinda) With Miranda

Another rainy afternoon at Norm's Dollhouse. Welcome to "Monsoon Season" in Colorado. 

Ah, Wightwick Manor. I want to run around her halls and just play.  

But there's no time today! Lots of work to be done, on the OUTSIDE of the Manor!

I suggested that maybe all this beautiful, empty lawn was kind of wasted space (and in a store with like a million things to display, wasted space is a bad thing).

So why not use it to display some of the awesome "Fairy Garden" stuff we got in.

They said they thought that was a pretty good idea. Which is good. But then they made ME carry everything and set it all up, which wasn't so good.

I love these flamingos. I need a house now, just so I can have flamingos. These seriously crack me up.

We also got in these cute, if a little bit obnoxious ghosts.

They want to scare EVERYTHING, but they're seriously not scary. They're just kind of cute.

And can a jack o lantern even BE scared? Give it up little ghosty guy.

So long day, lots of carrying and hauling. And then testing out the lawn chairs, of course. Had to be done.

But there's always another project right around the corner. This is one of the refurbishes I'll be supervising construction on.

It's 30 years old, but it's held up REALLY well. They just need some finishing touches to fix it up just right.

Piece of cake!

But first, there's this OTHER project. But I'll tell you about that next time.

It's pretty cool working at Norm's again. It's nice to be back. 

- Miri