Sunday, August 10, 2014

The September Projects

More rain. But that's okay, there's a LOT to do inside Norm's today.

We've got two big projects to finish for the museum's annual September Show. And this is one of them.

This is going to be an art gallery. Yeah... well, eventually. First...a slightly smaller (and slightly simpler) project.

This little structure is going to be our donation to the museum raffle at the September Show.

Just a simple little shop. David normally makes our structures, but he's busy with this huge refurbish so this is from a kit, which is okay too.

A little bit of aging solution, the floor is polished and we're well on our way!

I can influence lots of things, and get things to do what I want. But making things dry faster is not something I can do. So, time to go home.

To my NEW (old) home, the Green Elephant! It's perfect!

This is a lot bigger than the apartment over the toy shop. It's all roomy and awesome.

Feels like home!
So yeah, that was my day. Rainstorm, construction, and home to my awesome new apartment.

Hope your day was awesome too. See you later!

Night night.

- Miri


  1. I LOVE the Green Elephant, Miri, so I can imagine how Great it feels to come home to!!!
    Yay for more projects!!! I LOVE the smell of newly cut wood.... new projects are So much fun!!! I can't wait to see how these develop!
    It really is Great to see you back at Norm's!

  2. Wow! What a beary nice home. You have lovely decorations also. I will have to get some fish and bee wallpaper.


  3. What do you use as an aging solution? And, as a play on words, is it the solution to prevent me from aging? If so, hand it over, you perky pixie! (Ha! I know, I know (*hanging head*), my jokes are more punny than funny.)

  4. Hey Daydreamer! Thank you. I love it a lot too. Until I get a house, it's a pretty great place to live. And there is a definite scent to a new project, and it's one I really like. So I'm glad to be back too. So much to do! I'll keep you posted! :)

    Howdy Ajdin! Thanks! Oh wow, fish and bee wallpaper would be AMAZING! Yes, you will have to get some. The perfect way to line a bear den!

    Hey Lori. India ink and denatured alcohol is our aging solution of choice. Alas, it doesn't keep people from aging (and you'd be young looking, but kind of grayish. Worth it? Probably not). And you are VERY funny, AND punny. :) You crack me up.

  5. Sounds like a very busy time! The "new" home seems lovely as well. :)

  6. Hi Miranda,
    Looks like you have your hands full with these projects, and I think that the art gallery is going to be so interesting.
    Enjoy your new home. Too bad it is raining a lot down there. We could sure use some of it up here in the north. Sam's grass is brown and dry although it might rain today. Fingers crossed.

  7. Hey Isabelle!

    I do feel like I've got my hands full, but it's pretty great. It's nice to be working on stuff again.

    The art gallery is going to be amazing. I hope. I think. It keeps me up nights thinking about it. I can't WAIT to start that project.

    But little donation house first. Yep yep.

    I wish I knew how to send you some of our rain. Where IS Oak Leaf Forest, anyway?

    Talk to you soon!