Friday, August 08, 2014

Fairy Gardening (Kinda) With Miranda

Another rainy afternoon at Norm's Dollhouse. Welcome to "Monsoon Season" in Colorado. 

Ah, Wightwick Manor. I want to run around her halls and just play.  

But there's no time today! Lots of work to be done, on the OUTSIDE of the Manor!

I suggested that maybe all this beautiful, empty lawn was kind of wasted space (and in a store with like a million things to display, wasted space is a bad thing).

So why not use it to display some of the awesome "Fairy Garden" stuff we got in.

They said they thought that was a pretty good idea. Which is good. But then they made ME carry everything and set it all up, which wasn't so good.

I love these flamingos. I need a house now, just so I can have flamingos. These seriously crack me up.

We also got in these cute, if a little bit obnoxious ghosts.

They want to scare EVERYTHING, but they're seriously not scary. They're just kind of cute.

And can a jack o lantern even BE scared? Give it up little ghosty guy.

So long day, lots of carrying and hauling. And then testing out the lawn chairs, of course. Had to be done.

But there's always another project right around the corner. This is one of the refurbishes I'll be supervising construction on.

It's 30 years old, but it's held up REALLY well. They just need some finishing touches to fix it up just right.

Piece of cake!

But first, there's this OTHER project. But I'll tell you about that next time.

It's pretty cool working at Norm's again. It's nice to be back. 

- Miri


  1. Wow! This is so cool! I especially love the ghost and jack o'lanterns. It looks like your design skills and creativity are still much needed at Norm's. They are lucky to have your perspective!

  2. Good job Miri! You are right, that lawn does need some sprucing up. I am sure you will make it great.