Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Detour to the Green Elephant

Okay, so I should be dealing with Devika's plants. But I discovered I can water them through the door. They're fine, so I have time to keep looking for my machete.

 Instead, I've been working at Norm's on this dollhouse.

 This is a Christmas project for a really nice lady named Marilyn. It's going to be awesome.

We've got a ways to go, and it doesn't look like much yet. But it's about to get exciting. 

 First, you have to gesso EVERYTHING. If it's getting painted it's getting primered. Yes, it's boring and it's a pain in the neck, but it gives you such a smooth paint job it's totally worth it.

And now that everything is primed, the painting can begin! And that's the exciting part! Though, also in the "exciting" category...

The Green Elephant Thrift and Consignment shop is DONE! And I'm moving in. Just temporarily. So this is the kitchen. Cozy, huh?

It only took two years (We of Wylde Kingdom Construction may not be fast, but we ARE awesome. It'll be great when it's done. Whenever that is.) And not only did the building itself get finished...

But I found Thorne's stock in storage, and dragged it all out. I set up shop!

I tried to make it a place that _I_ would want to wander around and shop in. I hope Thorne would approve, and I guess in April I get to find out.

 And upstairs is all finished up too, and furnished and everything.

Me and the bunny have already moved in. I want to test it for creepy noises, and just make sure it's cozy and a nice living space before anyone officially moves in. I'm going to do this for all the buildings I build/inspect. I know. I'm a gem.

Also, I have a neighbor who is really into holidays. He's got his yard all set up for Thanksgiving, which is coming up FAST! Kind of cool. I can't wait to see what he does for Christmas.

So, there's what I've been doing instead of hacking away at plants. That's next. Probably. Maybe. We'll see.

If I don't talk to you before, if you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope it's a great one! Now back to that construction project at Norm's.

Oh man... only 28 days to go! I gotta get building!

Talk to you soon!

- Miri

Friday, November 22, 2013

Plants Gone Wylde!

So, I'd been worrying about Devika's plants. I figured while everyone was gone, they probably wilted and died. And that would be super sad. 

I should've known better. I went to check on them, but first, I stopped by C&M.

 I brought a new flower to put in the window, but maybe not just yet.

C&M is a DISASTER! Apparently I should've been worrying about my coffee shop instead of Vee's plants!

I couldn't get very far in the door, but I did manage to rescue the plant out of the coffee shop. They can come live at my house until C&M is fixed up and ready for them.

So then I headed off to "Just Between Fronds", where I found good news and bad news.

 The good news being: Vee's plants are doing just fine.

The bad news being: they might be doing a little TOO "fine".

 I couldn't even get in the door! They've taken over the whole shop!!! What was I even worried about?

I'm pretty sure I saw the momma Eyeris plant in there, blinking at me. So she must be okay. That's a relief.

 I'll have to to come back with some pruning shears.

 Or perhaps a machete.

But at least the plants are okay and not dead, I guess. We're about to have a bunch of new cuttings in the plant shop. I hope there are enough pots for them all.

So, my housewarming plant from Norm's found it's way to my music room, where it seems quite happy.

The two C&M plants are hanging out on my porch, waiting for me to get the shop cleaned up so they can move back in. But it's a nice porch. They'll be okay here for a while. 

I've got lots of work to do. I'll clean up the coffee shop, but first I think I should deal with the plants. The books don't care if they're laying on the floor, but the plants are living things, so they've got to be dealt with first.

Now if I can just remember where I put my machete.

- Miri

Thursday, November 21, 2013

When In Doubt - Send An Internet Note

Hey guys,

So I'm going to be posting more. Here AND there.

There being on the Tales of Two, Tiny, Towns blog. We picked up the blog title for something else, and when that didn't work out, it seemed like a shame to let it go.

I dunno. I think it's cute.

So now I'm using it to write to my friends in Tucker Town.

I just did my first ever post (with my new tripod and camera setup thingy too!) which you can read here if you want - To Robin, From Miranda: New Blog, New Correspondence.

And now, I think I might try to go to sleep.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the state of Devika's plant shop. Promise.

Night night.

- Miri

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Home is Where the Plants Are

I'm back. I'm home and back in the Wylde Kingdom. Safe and sound. I missed being home, so to celebrate, I immediately left and went to work at Norm's with Wendy. *sigh*

To be honest, I was too sad to stay at home with the Hittys (who are super sad too). And I think Wendy is terrified to let me out of her sight, what with Unseelie running around and stuff. 

Anyway, there was lots to see. New stuff came in and showed up while I was gone. Like all the Christmas stuff.

Pretty trees.

I guess I should tell you why I'm so sad, though I can't talk much about it. The Unseelie are drawn to things like sadness.

They got Madera. She was the only pixie who stayed behind, and they found her. The Hittys said they took her and there's been no sign of her since. They got her.

But I've decided that since the Unseelie are drawn to people's pain and sadness, I'll just let what I'm feeling shift over into rage. And I will find a way to ensure that the Unseelie never, EVER hurt my friends again.

Uh, so anyway. Yeah. Pretty Christmas trees. I won't put mine up until after Thanksgiving, but this is great decorating inspiration.

They also got in a truckload of awesome plants! These are so cute!

The big green ones reminded me of Devika's plant shop. The Woodlees are supposed to be taking care of it, but the Hittys said they all got scared off by the Unseelie (even though they weren't interested in them, since they're just wooden dolls. I don't blame them. The Unseelie are terrifying.)  So I need to go there tomorrow and see what kind of state it's in and water everything.

Devika had just gotten a shipment of "weird seeds" planted. Like the ones that grew into the Eyerises. It'll be interesting to see what grew while she's been gone. Hopefully no biting or pixie eating plants.

And I decided to get myself a housewarming gift. Pretty, huh? I have a huge house now (which I need to show you. I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, I guess.)

Wendy set me up with this temporary computer so I could check on Facebook and start writing this blog. Cute, huh? Pretty fast machine, too. So I guess if I have to go to Norm's (since someone is probably going to drag me there a lot for the next while. She's pretty upset about Madera too and I don't think she wants to take any chances of ME getting gotten.) at least there's a nice computer set up for me to surf on.

And maybe even catch up on blogs with. You never know.

- Miri

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Stolen Companion! Please Help Find Sequoia!!!

Dear Everyone,

Wendy here. I just got this post on Facebook and I wanted to pass it along, especially to anyone in the Hitty community.

This is Sequoia.

She is missing, presumed stolen. Here are the details:


Please keep an eye out for this doll, and if you know anyone in the doll community and especially the Hitty world, please ask them to keep an eye out for her too.

I do not know Janet, and I've never met Sequoia, but I cannot imagine how heartbroken I would be if my Miranda were stolen. My heart goes out to Janet, and I hope Hitty Sequoia finds her way home soon!

Thanks for passing this along and keeping an eye out for a missing doll!

All the best,


Coming Home

The Southern Hemisphere is nice, but not where I want to be.

I HATE the Light Court. I never was any good at courtly behavior and manners. Thees and thous and all that nonsense. I hate it. A lot. And I've had enough.

I miss my bunny. I miss my house. I miss the Wylde Kingdom. 

The Dark Court can bite me.

I'm coming home.

See you soon.

- Miri