Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Home is Where the Plants Are

I'm back. I'm home and back in the Wylde Kingdom. Safe and sound. I missed being home, so to celebrate, I immediately left and went to work at Norm's with Wendy. *sigh*

To be honest, I was too sad to stay at home with the Hittys (who are super sad too). And I think Wendy is terrified to let me out of her sight, what with Unseelie running around and stuff. 

Anyway, there was lots to see. New stuff came in and showed up while I was gone. Like all the Christmas stuff.

Pretty trees.

I guess I should tell you why I'm so sad, though I can't talk much about it. The Unseelie are drawn to things like sadness.

They got Madera. She was the only pixie who stayed behind, and they found her. The Hittys said they took her and there's been no sign of her since. They got her.

But I've decided that since the Unseelie are drawn to people's pain and sadness, I'll just let what I'm feeling shift over into rage. And I will find a way to ensure that the Unseelie never, EVER hurt my friends again.

Uh, so anyway. Yeah. Pretty Christmas trees. I won't put mine up until after Thanksgiving, but this is great decorating inspiration.

They also got in a truckload of awesome plants! These are so cute!

The big green ones reminded me of Devika's plant shop. The Woodlees are supposed to be taking care of it, but the Hittys said they all got scared off by the Unseelie (even though they weren't interested in them, since they're just wooden dolls. I don't blame them. The Unseelie are terrifying.)  So I need to go there tomorrow and see what kind of state it's in and water everything.

Devika had just gotten a shipment of "weird seeds" planted. Like the ones that grew into the Eyerises. It'll be interesting to see what grew while she's been gone. Hopefully no biting or pixie eating plants.

And I decided to get myself a housewarming gift. Pretty, huh? I have a huge house now (which I need to show you. I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, I guess.)

Wendy set me up with this temporary computer so I could check on Facebook and start writing this blog. Cute, huh? Pretty fast machine, too. So I guess if I have to go to Norm's (since someone is probably going to drag me there a lot for the next while. She's pretty upset about Madera too and I don't think she wants to take any chances of ME getting gotten.) at least there's a nice computer set up for me to surf on.

And maybe even catch up on blogs with. You never know.

- Miri


  1. Miranda - The world just seems right back on its proper axis with you back in charge. Your little outfit is so Precious, that embellished dress and cappie RocK! I am upset about Madera, but we are Sure you will find a way to rescue her, or maybe she is just hiding and those lovely plants will draw her into feeling safe and sound knowing Miranda is Home and Back in Charge - Welcome Home!

  2. Welcome home! So sad to hear about Madera. Hopefully Tiggy is right and she's hiding somewhere. Love the Christmas decorations and the plants but am very curious to see what plants grew from the special seeds. Nice computer set up!

  3. Good rage photo, Wendy! You really captured Miranda's mood with that shot. Glad you're back, Miri! xo Jennifer