Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thorne's Questions for the Stranger

Thorne: Greetings. I am Thorne, pixie of the Tribe of Stone. You are....?

Stranger: Lost. I am completely lost. I am clearly not dead, because you are certainly not my vision of Arawn. Where am I?

Thorne: If you please, answer my questions and then I will explain as much to you as I can.

Stranger: Who are you to be questioning ME?

Thorne: Currently I am the one keeping your pretentious butt from being thrown back out in a snowdrift, so please... your name?

Stranger: I cannot remember my name... I remember nothing but snow and cold...

Thorne: Perhaps the fairies of the Carin tribe are unaware that some pixies can detect lies....

Stranger: If you know who I am, Little Man, why are you asking?

Thorne: You're right... very well... I will allow them to throw you back out into the snow... good day...

Stranger: (sigh) Fine, I am Marius, Prince of the Carin of the Silver Blade. Though you seem to know this already.

Thorne: Busted you on the web, Majesty.

Marius: Excuse me?

Thorne: Nevermind. How did you come to be in our backyard, Marius?

Marius: I... I have been running for a very long time. I wasn't prepared for the blizzard, and ended up snowblind and lost. I found your stone circle and sought protection there.

Thorne: You found it. You were discovered before the snow took you, and have been sleeping here on our couch for days.

Marius: Then I owe you thanks, Little... er, Thorne.

Thorne: Frankly, not my idea. You are fortunate to have ended up in the back yard of a house run by a crazy human woman with a "thing" for wayward fairies.

Marius: My thanks to the Lady of the House, then.... So... now what, Thorne?

Thorne: We have much to discuss, I think. I am a storykeeper by trade, and so I would know your story if you will tell it. And you are in no condition to travel yet, and it seems you have nowhere to go. So... why were you running, Prince Marius?

Marius: Well, you see...

Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Stranger Awakens

Persephone: (quietly, speaking to self) Hmm... Thorne is right, you've got almost no tangible aura at all. And the hair, this little braid... so this is what all the fuss is about. Run away royalty, hu? Tucked away, in the storage room, where it appears old furniture goes to die. A strange fate for royalty... Hmmm.

Persephone: (gasps as braid slips out of hand)

Stranger: (groan) Oh... are you... are you death? "Death comes as a woman, shrouded in such beauty that one should weep, and wish nothing more than to be cradled in the peace of her arms." I never thought it would be so true. So, I'm dead, aren't I? The snow...

Stranger: The Summerlands look a little different than I thought they would... (blinking)

Persephone: Uh... you're not dead... uh.... hang on... don't go anywhere...

Persephone: Thorne... I have to find Thorne and tell him he's gorgeous... er AWAKE! And tell him he's awake! Oh by the third God, Seph. Keep it together! THORNE!!!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Magic Lessons - Lenore the Mage?

Persephone: Have you always been able to "talk" to rocks, Lenore?

Lenore: Yes... I guess so. Doesn't everyone?

Persephone: And the rain too?

Lenore: I just asked it not to get me wet. It was a new dress, and Ama would've been very cross.

Persephone: (nodding) I see. Well, this little stone is yours to talk to and to work with. It's a focus stone, and you can do all kinds of things with it. It'll tell you what to do. Neat, hu?

Lenore: WOW! Thank you, Miss Persephone!!!

Persephone: Now I need to chat with your Ama... while you're talking to your new stone friend there, okay?

Lenore: Okay. I'll go get her.

Persephone: No, sweetness. I'll call her from here. Just with my heart. She'll hear me.

Lenore: You can DO that?

Persephone: Oh, I'm certain you can too, little one. I have no doubt. You'll learn. You'll learn. Or you'll end up teaching us all.

Persephone: She's a natural elemenal magician, Nessa. I can't believe she hasn't shown signs before.

Nessa: But... she's a human girl? How can that be?

Persephone: She's spent her life around fairies. I don't know if another changeling has ever survived, but maybe this is what becomes of them. Maybe she came from a magical family. Who knows? But the fact is, without training, she's going to be dangerous to everyone AND herself. And it's training I can't give her. I'm not elemental.

Nessa: I can't either. Maybe Thorne knows some...

Persephone: I know a pair of wizards, brother and sister, who help train kids. I think they even have an apprentice Lenore's age.

Nessa: That sounds perfect.

Persephone: Unfortunately, I have no clue where they are right now. But I'll put a feeler out, and if I can contact them, I'll send them your way. Okay?

Nessa: Okay.

Persephone: Now, about this stranger. Thorne wanted me to take a look at him? Where is he being kept?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Magic Lessons Begin

Thorne: Hello, Nessa. Where's your friend?

Nessa: Persephone wanted to take Lenore somewhere without distractions and "clucking mother hens" as she put it, so they're downstairs.

Thorne: (laugh) Well, I'm sure she'll be an excellent teacher for Lenore. I'm glad you got the girl some guidance. I was curious what Persephone's take on our "guest" was. I don't know if she's even had a chance to look in on him yet.

Nessa: She said she had "much to discuss" with Lenore before lessons could really begin...

Persephone: So you just brought him with you, with the bracelet?

Lenore: Well, I'd heard Ama use her bracelet to carry us both before, and I just thought the words might be the same... and he was so cold... and I thought he might die.

Persephone: Have you done anything ELSE that was magic?

Lenore: Um.... well.....

Persephone: I promise not to tell your Ama. Cross my heart and hope to die.

Lenore: Well... sometimes... when it rains...

Monday, December 25, 2006

About the Stranger and Some Cookies

Nessa: Thorne! You're back! Is he awake? Persephone just sent a bird to tell me she's on her way, so we'll have help with him soon. And help with Lenore's training too.

Thorne: No, Nessa. He's not awake yet. And I'm glad your friend is coming. You should never try to teach magic to someone you love. Too frustrating. Anyway, you know Syrinx, I believe?

Syrinx: Hi.

Nessa: Hi. Oh, yes, of course, you're the psychic. So what can you tell us?

Syrinx: I couldn't get into his mind at all. There's just a great, gray, impenetrable fog. It's really a remarkable defense, especially considering he's unconscious.

Nessa: Perhaps he was damaged by the cold and there IS no mind to read.

Syrinx: No, I couldn't read his mind, but I could feel it there. A consciousness, watching me. He's in there. He's just not giving up any secrets. I believe he's some kind of psionicist.

Nessa: That's impossible... Thorne, that can't be.

Syrinx: Thorne told me you think this boy is a fairy of the Carin tribe. It's the hair, right? Right. So I did a little research into them, and I know why you're saying that. They have a tendency to kill any of their members that show any kind of psionic talent at all, right?

Nessa: Exactly. They kill them as children, and this fairy Lenore pulled out of the snow is no child.

Syrinx: Well, I did a quick search on Google Pixie, and sure enough, the Carin tribe are missing a prince.

Nessa: WHAT?!

Syrinx: The posting didn't say WHY he ran, just that this Carin prince, named Marius, was missing and if anyone sees him to send them an e-mail.

Nessa: Oh Gods, if they find out we're harboring him...

Thorne: There's no need for the Carin to know he's here. Syri is just monitoring the posts, not mentioning anything to anyone about him. And she's very good about getting information online.

Syrinx: Don't worry, Nessa. No one knows he's here. They were never looking this far West anyway, and no one really cares about finding him anymore. The initial posting is from several years ago, and there haven't been any updates or further requests since.

Nessa: You found this on the internet?

Syrinx: Yeah, come look. See, here's the posting, right here...

Thorne: Who would've though creatures as loathesome as the Carin would be on the internet?

Syrinx: Well, I did first find them on MySpace...

(meanwhile, the stranger is being discussed on the other side of the house as well)

(voices from inside Ariel's house)

Devika: So Mr. Thorne says this guy is from the CARIN tribe.

Taelyn: Ewww, they're mean. And smelly.

Ariel: Well, they aren't known for being on too many people's "good" list, that's for sure. Have you seen him?

Devika: Nope, not yet. Mr. Thorne and Nessa are trying to keep everyone away, but I don't know why. Rabbit saw him and she said he doesn't look like a vicious killer. (shrug)

Ariel: Can I get you anything else while I'm up? More tea? More cookies?

Devika: Oh, none for me, Ariel. One more cookie and I'll blow up! Taelyn doesn't want anymore either.

Taelyn: I kind of thought I DID want another cookie.

Devika: You don't.

Taelyn: Oh, okay. No thank you, Ariel.

Devika: Actually, it's after dark. We should be getting home. Thank you for having us, Ariel. Your house is WONDERFUL!

Taelyn: And your cookies were GREAT, even though I don't want another one, even though I thought I wanted one. (ponder)

Ariel: Well, it was my pleasure, sweeties. Thanks for comin by! Stop by any time!

Ariel: Night night!

Taelyn: (in the distance) It's weird, Vee. I really thought I DID want another cookie. It's good YOU know that kind of stuff.

Ariel: (sigh) Well, Baxter, it's just you and me. Nice kids, those two. I wonder if we can get in to see this stranger. I would be VERY interested in seeing him. Oh yes, very interested indeed. I wonder where they're keeping him.

(box rustling)

Ariel: I... OH! Baxter, I know I call you my little "cookie wookie" but really! Come out of there! (laughing) Come on, lets go see if "Law and Order" is on, "Cookie".

Saturday, December 23, 2006

FaeEx Home Delivery

Ariel: This is perfect! Look at that VIEW!

Devika: I still don't understand why you want your luggage so far away. Though the view IS nice.

Taelyn: Ooooh, pretty.

Ariel: Well, sugar, I think Miri would prefer it, now don't you?

Devika: But we've got plenty of room at our place. You can sleep in the top bunk of my bed! And why would she want your luggage way over here? That makes no sense!

Taelyn: Ooh.... long way down...

Ariel: This isn't just luggage, Vee! This is FaeEx home delivery!

Devika: I know, that's what the fairy who brought the envelope said, but....

Ariel: You'll see! You two go stand over there... that should be good...and I'll just put this right... here.


Taelyn: OOOOOH! Housie!!!!

Devika: Oh my GOODNESS!!

Ariel: DRAT! I left the kicthen light on again!

Taelyn: Ooooh, woodsie.

Devika: Ariel, this is absolutely amazing!!

Ariel: Aww, thanks, Sweetie. I use Home Delivery all the time. It sure beats trying to figure out whatall to pack! Come on in!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Mercy for the Hawk - Lenore

Nessa: Thank you for taking a look at Lenore, Thorne. Is she all right? Please let her be all right.

Thorne: The child is fine, Nessa. A bit bored. There's absolutely no reason to keep her on bedrest. I'm not sure why you are. She collapsed, yes... but...

Nessa: That was big magic she did, Thorne. She shouldn't have been able to bring him through with her. I was afraid that she'd hurt herself, when she fainted.

Thorne: Shouldn't have because the bracelet was not capable, or shouldn't have because you didn't teach her how?

Nessa: The bracelet is built the same as mine. I just haven't taught her how to bring others with her using it. She shouldn't have been able to bring SPOT, much less the boy. Where IS the boy? You didn't leave him alone, did you?

Thorne: No, Syrinx is with him. Trying to get a read on him while he's unconscious. She's the most powerful medium we have, so she has the best chance at telling us who he is. As far as Lenore goes, has she ever heard YOU use the bracelet to transport more than just yourself?

Nessa: Well, yes. Once. I used it to get her and I out of a bad place.

Thorne: Little pitchers have big ears, Nessa. That little one is a listener, and she hears many things. I'm not surprised that she's learned magic listening to you. As far as hurting herself goes, she's been exposed to fairy magic almost since her birth. I can see no reason why she'd suffer ill effects from being around it now.

Thorne: Your little changeling is growing up, Nessa. Perhaps she's ready for more magic and experience than you've given her.

Nessa: I'm not sure _I'M_ ready, Thorne.

Lenore: Oh, it's fine for you, Spot. Just laying there, sleeping. But I am BORED. This is just not fair. I'm fine, and I'm sick of being in bed. And _I'M_ the one who found him, how come _I_ don't get to see him? Not fair.

Lenore: What if he's a lost prince? What if he's under a curse? Oh! What if only a kiss will release him from his spell? Just like in the books, Spot! (blush)

Lenore: (sigh) I don't suppose it matters much to me. Ama seems quite determined that I won't get to see him. She said "He won't be staying". Do you know, I think she'd like to throw him right back out into the snow, Spot? She wouldn't even answer my questions about him. Neither would Mr. Thorne. Darn it. It isn't fair, Spot. It's just not fair.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Family for the Holidays - Pt 3

(chattering voices of pixies on too much sugar)

Ariel: And then _I_ said "But officer, I think you're standing on him."

Everyone: (loud laughter)

Devika: Oh, Ariel! These snacks are wonderful! Do we need more plates? More glasses?

Ariel: Excuse me a minute, sweetie.

Ariel: Miri. Miri, hang on a sec.

Ariel: Whadya lookin in the fridge for? There are all kinds of snackies on the table out there.

Miranda: I don't want any of YOUR "snackies".

Miranda: You might be able to fool THEM with your sweetness, "snackies", and funny stories. But _I_ know what you are.

Ariel: Oh, yer not still on that "evil twin" thing are ya? Oh, Miri. That is so silly...

Miranda: Don't. Don't even. _I_ know, and there's nothing you can say. Evil.

Devika: Um... sorry to interrupt. Is everything okay, you guys?

Miranda: Yep, everything's just ducky dandy, hu SIS?

Ariel: (sigh) Yeah, it's all okay, Vee.

Miranda: Let's just bring Thorne in here and see what he makes of you, because he is going to see RIGHT through you and....


Ariel: OOH! Doorbell! Maybe it's my stuff gettin delivered!!

Miranda: Where IS Thorne, anyway?

Devkia: Nessa called for him... something about Lenore being sick, but that's all I know. I hope she's okay...

(to be continued)

Mercy for the Hawk Pt 2

Lenore: Spot?

Lenore: Spooooooooot?

Lenore: Spot? Oh, there you are!

Lenore: Hi, sweetie! Are you watching the snow? Is the wind what's been making you so restless this evening, hmmm? Poor puppy dog.

Lenore: It's a terrible night to be outside, Spot. I'd rather just sit here and watch the snow from INSIDE. Oh, hi Mr. Trygve!

Lenore: NO! Bad Spot! Come back here! Spot, come!!!

Lenore: Spot... you come back here. Spot, please? Here Spot!

Lenore: I don't want to play in the snow, Spot. OOF! Please come back. It's cold!!

Lenore: Spot, this isn't funny. You come back here this INSTANT! Bad, Spot!

Lenore: Spot, it's very cold. Where are you GOING? Come back here! You are in SO MUCH trouble!

Lenore: Spot... good, Spot. Stay there. The snow's really deep, but I'm almost to you. Stay... Spot? What is this place?

Lenore: Spot? What is THAT... it looks like a PERSON... Oh, Spot!!!

Lenore: Spot, GOOD DOGGIE! You're a rescue dog!! Oh, he's nearly frozen to DEATH! We have to get him inside, Spot! He's too big to carry... but I could use Ama's bracelet. She'll understand, won't she, Spot?

Lenore: Spot, come here. It only works on things I'm touching.... Good doggie. Ready?

Lenore: (chanting quietly)


Nessa: (gasp)

Lenore: Oh... hi... Ama.... (collapses)

(to be continued)