Friday, December 29, 2006

Magic Lessons - Lenore the Mage?

Persephone: Have you always been able to "talk" to rocks, Lenore?

Lenore: Yes... I guess so. Doesn't everyone?

Persephone: And the rain too?

Lenore: I just asked it not to get me wet. It was a new dress, and Ama would've been very cross.

Persephone: (nodding) I see. Well, this little stone is yours to talk to and to work with. It's a focus stone, and you can do all kinds of things with it. It'll tell you what to do. Neat, hu?

Lenore: WOW! Thank you, Miss Persephone!!!

Persephone: Now I need to chat with your Ama... while you're talking to your new stone friend there, okay?

Lenore: Okay. I'll go get her.

Persephone: No, sweetness. I'll call her from here. Just with my heart. She'll hear me.

Lenore: You can DO that?

Persephone: Oh, I'm certain you can too, little one. I have no doubt. You'll learn. You'll learn. Or you'll end up teaching us all.

Persephone: She's a natural elemenal magician, Nessa. I can't believe she hasn't shown signs before.

Nessa: But... she's a human girl? How can that be?

Persephone: She's spent her life around fairies. I don't know if another changeling has ever survived, but maybe this is what becomes of them. Maybe she came from a magical family. Who knows? But the fact is, without training, she's going to be dangerous to everyone AND herself. And it's training I can't give her. I'm not elemental.

Nessa: I can't either. Maybe Thorne knows some...

Persephone: I know a pair of wizards, brother and sister, who help train kids. I think they even have an apprentice Lenore's age.

Nessa: That sounds perfect.

Persephone: Unfortunately, I have no clue where they are right now. But I'll put a feeler out, and if I can contact them, I'll send them your way. Okay?

Nessa: Okay.

Persephone: Now, about this stranger. Thorne wanted me to take a look at him? Where is he being kept?

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  1. Anonymous6:28 AM

    I love how your story is unfolding!