Monday, December 18, 2006

Family For the Holidays Pt 1

(sounds of Pixies practicing Christmas music together)

(music suddenly stops)

Devika: SYRINX!

Syrinx: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt your little holiday cacophony practice. A letter to Miranda got mixed up in my mail last week, and I wanted to make certain that she got it.

Devika: How uncharacterisically kind of you! Awww!

Miranda: What, does it have anthrax in it?

Syrinx: Tragically unlikely.

Miranda: You really hate me a lot, don't you?

Syrinx: Yes. Yes I do. But this letter was much too important to burn while cursing your name, like I normally do with your mail.

Miranda: Nice.

Devika: Wait, Syrinx? Weren't you the oracle/fortune teller for the Court?

Syrinx: Yes...

Devika: So you already know what's in the letter.

Syrinx: I have a pretty good guess...though it had more to do with reading the return address label than fortune telling, really.

Devika: And you wanted to make sure she got it, which means...

Syrinx: It means, I forsee a great catastophe for Miranda. And THAT means, that maybe Santa really DID read my letter this year.

Devika: Is that really forseeing, or wishful thinking?

Syrinx: As with all fortune telling, Devika, it is some of both. Anyway, happy holidays to us all. Why, mine appear to be getting happier already... farewell.

Miranda: Oh no.... oh NO...

Devika: Miri! What is it?

Miranda: Oh God, this can't be happening! And that rotten Syrinx held on to it long enough, there's not enough time to MOVE!!!

Devika: Miri, what on earth?

Miranda: It's Ariel. She's COMING!

Devika: Ariel? Like Ariel your sister?

Miranda: She's not JUST my sister, she's my EVIL TWIN!!!

Taelyn: Um, Mister Thorne... how could Miranda have...

Thorne: Don't, Tae. Just don't.

Miranda: Okay, if we left EVERYTHING behind and got into the Jeep RIGHT NOW we could make it to another state by the time she got here.

Devika: The letter only says she'll be here "soon".

Miranda: And that was last WEEK! Oh, Vee! What are we going to DO?!

Devika: Well, YOU are going to stop freaking out. And _I_ am going to go make a cake, since we know she's coming and all. And Taelyn can start getting the upper bunk in our room ready for company.

Miranda: But VEE!! You don't KNOW!!!

Devika: No, now stop it. We're just going to make the best of it and have a great Christmas anyway. (quietly) I hope...

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