Sunday, December 10, 2006

Grocery Shopping With Hana

Wendy: SYRI!

Wendy: I don't want to alarm you, but I just drove up and... well, your Navigator is gone. All the little pixies are accounted for, so it isn't just another joyride. I'll call the authorities and...

Syri: Wendy, it's okay. Hana has it. She went grocery shopping.

Wendy: You let her take your Navigator? Your second favorite vehicle in the entire WORLD? (boggle)

Syri: She said we needed a lot of stuff, and I didn't think she could have fit it all in her bug. (shrug)

(a bit later, sound of stereo booming in driveway)

Hana: (singing) "Ain't gonna hang around till there's nobody dancing..."

Hana: (singing) ...I don't wanna hold hands and talk about our little plans, alright!

(car stops... radio turned off... engine turned off. Wendy walks outside to help Hana.)

Wendy: Hey Hana!

Hana: Oh! Hey, Wendy!

Wendy: That's a lot of stuff. You want some help?

Hana: (grunt) That would be great, thanks.

Hana: Just set them over there, thank you.

Wendy: I think this is more food than Syri has had in her apartment the entire time she's lived here.

Hana: I went to make dinner last night, and do you know what I found in the fridge?

Wendy: I'm afraid to ask.

Hana: Pickles. One lonely, sad, stale jar of pickles and a carton of milk dated about 2 weeks ago. (shaking head) So tonight, we'll have a REAL dinner.

Wendy: Uh, go easy. If she's been living on stale pickles, real food might throw her into shock.

Hana: (smile) Indeed. Maybe some stale pickles as a side, just to ease her into real food. We'll see.

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