Monday, December 25, 2006

About the Stranger and Some Cookies

Nessa: Thorne! You're back! Is he awake? Persephone just sent a bird to tell me she's on her way, so we'll have help with him soon. And help with Lenore's training too.

Thorne: No, Nessa. He's not awake yet. And I'm glad your friend is coming. You should never try to teach magic to someone you love. Too frustrating. Anyway, you know Syrinx, I believe?

Syrinx: Hi.

Nessa: Hi. Oh, yes, of course, you're the psychic. So what can you tell us?

Syrinx: I couldn't get into his mind at all. There's just a great, gray, impenetrable fog. It's really a remarkable defense, especially considering he's unconscious.

Nessa: Perhaps he was damaged by the cold and there IS no mind to read.

Syrinx: No, I couldn't read his mind, but I could feel it there. A consciousness, watching me. He's in there. He's just not giving up any secrets. I believe he's some kind of psionicist.

Nessa: That's impossible... Thorne, that can't be.

Syrinx: Thorne told me you think this boy is a fairy of the Carin tribe. It's the hair, right? Right. So I did a little research into them, and I know why you're saying that. They have a tendency to kill any of their members that show any kind of psionic talent at all, right?

Nessa: Exactly. They kill them as children, and this fairy Lenore pulled out of the snow is no child.

Syrinx: Well, I did a quick search on Google Pixie, and sure enough, the Carin tribe are missing a prince.

Nessa: WHAT?!

Syrinx: The posting didn't say WHY he ran, just that this Carin prince, named Marius, was missing and if anyone sees him to send them an e-mail.

Nessa: Oh Gods, if they find out we're harboring him...

Thorne: There's no need for the Carin to know he's here. Syri is just monitoring the posts, not mentioning anything to anyone about him. And she's very good about getting information online.

Syrinx: Don't worry, Nessa. No one knows he's here. They were never looking this far West anyway, and no one really cares about finding him anymore. The initial posting is from several years ago, and there haven't been any updates or further requests since.

Nessa: You found this on the internet?

Syrinx: Yeah, come look. See, here's the posting, right here...

Thorne: Who would've though creatures as loathesome as the Carin would be on the internet?

Syrinx: Well, I did first find them on MySpace...

(meanwhile, the stranger is being discussed on the other side of the house as well)

(voices from inside Ariel's house)

Devika: So Mr. Thorne says this guy is from the CARIN tribe.

Taelyn: Ewww, they're mean. And smelly.

Ariel: Well, they aren't known for being on too many people's "good" list, that's for sure. Have you seen him?

Devika: Nope, not yet. Mr. Thorne and Nessa are trying to keep everyone away, but I don't know why. Rabbit saw him and she said he doesn't look like a vicious killer. (shrug)

Ariel: Can I get you anything else while I'm up? More tea? More cookies?

Devika: Oh, none for me, Ariel. One more cookie and I'll blow up! Taelyn doesn't want anymore either.

Taelyn: I kind of thought I DID want another cookie.

Devika: You don't.

Taelyn: Oh, okay. No thank you, Ariel.

Devika: Actually, it's after dark. We should be getting home. Thank you for having us, Ariel. Your house is WONDERFUL!

Taelyn: And your cookies were GREAT, even though I don't want another one, even though I thought I wanted one. (ponder)

Ariel: Well, it was my pleasure, sweeties. Thanks for comin by! Stop by any time!

Ariel: Night night!

Taelyn: (in the distance) It's weird, Vee. I really thought I DID want another cookie. It's good YOU know that kind of stuff.

Ariel: (sigh) Well, Baxter, it's just you and me. Nice kids, those two. I wonder if we can get in to see this stranger. I would be VERY interested in seeing him. Oh yes, very interested indeed. I wonder where they're keeping him.

(box rustling)

Ariel: I... OH! Baxter, I know I call you my little "cookie wookie" but really! Come out of there! (laughing) Come on, lets go see if "Law and Order" is on, "Cookie".

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