Thursday, December 28, 2006

Magic Lessons Begin

Thorne: Hello, Nessa. Where's your friend?

Nessa: Persephone wanted to take Lenore somewhere without distractions and "clucking mother hens" as she put it, so they're downstairs.

Thorne: (laugh) Well, I'm sure she'll be an excellent teacher for Lenore. I'm glad you got the girl some guidance. I was curious what Persephone's take on our "guest" was. I don't know if she's even had a chance to look in on him yet.

Nessa: She said she had "much to discuss" with Lenore before lessons could really begin...

Persephone: So you just brought him with you, with the bracelet?

Lenore: Well, I'd heard Ama use her bracelet to carry us both before, and I just thought the words might be the same... and he was so cold... and I thought he might die.

Persephone: Have you done anything ELSE that was magic?

Lenore: Um.... well.....

Persephone: I promise not to tell your Ama. Cross my heart and hope to die.

Lenore: Well... sometimes... when it rains...

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