Thursday, December 21, 2006

Family for the Holidays - Pt 3

(chattering voices of pixies on too much sugar)

Ariel: And then _I_ said "But officer, I think you're standing on him."

Everyone: (loud laughter)

Devika: Oh, Ariel! These snacks are wonderful! Do we need more plates? More glasses?

Ariel: Excuse me a minute, sweetie.

Ariel: Miri. Miri, hang on a sec.

Ariel: Whadya lookin in the fridge for? There are all kinds of snackies on the table out there.

Miranda: I don't want any of YOUR "snackies".

Miranda: You might be able to fool THEM with your sweetness, "snackies", and funny stories. But _I_ know what you are.

Ariel: Oh, yer not still on that "evil twin" thing are ya? Oh, Miri. That is so silly...

Miranda: Don't. Don't even. _I_ know, and there's nothing you can say. Evil.

Devika: Um... sorry to interrupt. Is everything okay, you guys?

Miranda: Yep, everything's just ducky dandy, hu SIS?

Ariel: (sigh) Yeah, it's all okay, Vee.

Miranda: Let's just bring Thorne in here and see what he makes of you, because he is going to see RIGHT through you and....


Ariel: OOH! Doorbell! Maybe it's my stuff gettin delivered!!

Miranda: Where IS Thorne, anyway?

Devkia: Nessa called for him... something about Lenore being sick, but that's all I know. I hope she's okay...

(to be continued)

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