Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mercy for the Hawk Pt 2

Lenore: Spot?

Lenore: Spooooooooot?

Lenore: Spot? Oh, there you are!

Lenore: Hi, sweetie! Are you watching the snow? Is the wind what's been making you so restless this evening, hmmm? Poor puppy dog.

Lenore: It's a terrible night to be outside, Spot. I'd rather just sit here and watch the snow from INSIDE. Oh, hi Mr. Trygve!

Lenore: NO! Bad Spot! Come back here! Spot, come!!!

Lenore: Spot... you come back here. Spot, please? Here Spot!

Lenore: I don't want to play in the snow, Spot. OOF! Please come back. It's cold!!

Lenore: Spot, this isn't funny. You come back here this INSTANT! Bad, Spot!

Lenore: Spot, it's very cold. Where are you GOING? Come back here! You are in SO MUCH trouble!

Lenore: Spot... good, Spot. Stay there. The snow's really deep, but I'm almost to you. Stay... Spot? What is this place?

Lenore: Spot? What is THAT... it looks like a PERSON... Oh, Spot!!!

Lenore: Spot, GOOD DOGGIE! You're a rescue dog!! Oh, he's nearly frozen to DEATH! We have to get him inside, Spot! He's too big to carry... but I could use Ama's bracelet. She'll understand, won't she, Spot?

Lenore: Spot, come here. It only works on things I'm touching.... Good doggie. Ready?

Lenore: (chanting quietly)


Nessa: (gasp)

Lenore: Oh... hi... Ama.... (collapses)

(to be continued)

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