Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Stranger Awakens

Persephone: (quietly, speaking to self) Hmm... Thorne is right, you've got almost no tangible aura at all. And the hair, this little braid... so this is what all the fuss is about. Run away royalty, hu? Tucked away, in the storage room, where it appears old furniture goes to die. A strange fate for royalty... Hmmm.

Persephone: (gasps as braid slips out of hand)

Stranger: (groan) Oh... are you... are you death? "Death comes as a woman, shrouded in such beauty that one should weep, and wish nothing more than to be cradled in the peace of her arms." I never thought it would be so true. So, I'm dead, aren't I? The snow...

Stranger: The Summerlands look a little different than I thought they would... (blinking)

Persephone: Uh... you're not dead... uh.... hang on... don't go anywhere...

Persephone: Thorne... I have to find Thorne and tell him he's gorgeous... er AWAKE! And tell him he's awake! Oh by the third God, Seph. Keep it together! THORNE!!!!


  1. He is quite handsome, what kind of doll is he?

  2. Hi Sophia!

    He's a Soul Doll Asiter. My friend Amanda ( accidentally found herself bringing him home (with a little encouragement). Isn't he a pretty boy?

    There'll be more of him on the blog as the days go by. Promise.

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Aaaah, he is handsome, I have to check him out. I just started a blog, I have a Soul Doll Metel. She is lovely but is kind of small, which I love, but it is hard to do much personalizing to her, I would like to paint her nails, but they are so small, kind of like your pixies.

    Marin's Musings.

    I have lots to do, I love your stories. Thank you.

  4. Did you see the new
    Soul Kid Yewon? What a pretty doll! Wow!

    What we have are pretty, but I want that doll, though she is bigger for me. I like smaller dolls.