Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Family for the Holidays Pt 2, Mercy for the Hawk Pt1

Devika: Any sign of her?

Miranda: Not yet.

Devika: The snow is pretty bad today, maybe she won't come.

Miranda: Maybe... this storm is just supposed to get worse...maybe she just won't come at all!

Ariel: Golly, well whoever she is, I hope she's okay! Why, I barely made it here myself! This storm is really sumthin!

Miranda: GACK! It's HER!

Devika: HI! You must be Ariel! I'm Devika, it's so great to finally meet you!

Devika: Did you have a good trip? Can I help you with your luggage? Is that a puppy dog in there? Let's go upstairs. I made a cake. I hope you like cake....

Lenore: (running by) Excuse me, please!

Nessa: Lenore! LENORE!!

Lenore: Yes, Ama?

Nessa: I chased you all the way down the stairs, girl! Where on Earth are you GOING?

Lenore: To throw rocks at the hawk, Ama.

Nessa: To WHAT? Lenore! I am surprised at you! You will do no such thing!

Lenore: No, Ama! The hawk is sitting in our tree, and the little songbirds won't come out while he's there because he might EAT them! He's a vicious predator! So I'm going to throw rocks at him to make him leave, so it's safe for the little ones to come eat again.

Nessa: No, Lenore. You are not going out in this, and I think that hawk has troubles enough without you throwing stones at him.

Lenore: But, Ama! The tiny birds....

Nessa: The tiny birds will find their own way, Little Wren. They will be fine. The hawk... well, he needs a place to rest too. He cannot navigate in this storm, in the wind, as well as the tiny birds, with their tiny wings. Let him rest here for a moment, in the shelter of our big tree. Occasionally, even a "vicious predator" needs some mercy.

Lenore: Very well, Ama. I suppose you're right, I'm sorry. It's so cold, and the wind is so bitter. I pity anything stuck outside in this storm...

(meanwhile... not so far away)

?: (falling) So cold....

?: Sacred stones... are they another halluciation? (trudging through snow) be they real, or dream, I can go no further...

?: Gods of Fae and Folk... in this sacred place I beg you... help me... please... help...

To be continued....

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