Friday, December 04, 2009

Winter Wonderland

(Quiet barking and mewing as Baxter and Meowzart play in the living room)

*knock on the door*

Misha: (from upstairs) MIRI! Someone's at the door!

Miranda: Yeah, yeah. I'm on it.

Miranda: It's probably the FAA, coming to complain about all the lights on my house blinding their pilots!

Misha: *snort*

Miranda: Oh, hey, Vee. Come on in.

Devika: Hi Miri!

Devika: Did you get one of these fliers for the Winter Wonderland?

Miranda: Hmm... doesn't look familiar.

Miranda: I'm pretty sure I'd remember trashing something that festive.

Devika: Well, it just opened tonight! It's very exciting! Clara's is open extended hours, so I thought we could go and see the Winter Wonderland and then go get some cocoa at Clara's!

Miranda: Nah, I've got important chair warming to do here at home.

Devika: Aww, come on, Miri. Why not come along? Might get you into the "Christmas Spirit" a little?

Miranda: "Christmas Spirit?" Oh really? Which "Christmas Spirit" would that be?

Miranda: Would that be the "Trample people to get the stupid, cheap toy that your kid just HAS to have on Christmas day but will have forgotten by January 1st" spirit?

Miranda: Oh, or would it be the "run up all your credit cards so you can buy presents for people you don't even TALK to the rest of the year, just so that you can be better than your neighbors" spirit?

Miranda: THAT kind of Christmas Spirit?

Devika: Um....

Devika: So, that'd be a "no" then?

Misha: I'll go with you, Vee! It sounds great!

Devika: Oh! Teriffic!

Devika: Is that okay with you, Miranda?

Misha: Aww, come on, Miri. You should come along too.

Miranda: No thanks. It'll be great to be in the house without anyone wandering around, compulsively humming "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer".

Misha: Suit yourself, Ms. Grumpy-Pants. We're going to have to buy a barbecue grill so we can use all the coal you're going to be getting from Santa.

Miranda: Whatever.

Devika: (from outside) So you know where it is?

Misha: (outside too) Yeah! It's set up right by Clara's! We can't miss it.

Miranda: "Winter Wonderland", hu. It's probably two strings of lights and some poor schmuck dressed up as Santa. *snort*

Devika: OH WOW! Oh Misha! LOOK!

Misha: Wow...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cookies for Miranda

*Devika humming quietly as she puts away dishes*

Devika: Hey you! No touching! Those cookies are for Miranda.

Birdie: GAH! You DO have eyes in the back of your head! Sheesh!

Birdie: Besides, it's a well known fact that Miranda hates Christmas, so she's going to hate Christmas cookies too.

Devika: She may hate Christmas.

Devika: But NO ONE hates Christmas cookies!

*knocking on door*

Birdie: Well, there's your Christmas hater now. It's a pretty sad waste of Christmas cookies, if you ask me.

Devika: Oh, Birdie. Have some of the ladybug cookies on the counter instead. They're tasty too.

Birdie: Ah... alone at last. Don't worry, little Christmas cookies, I'll save you.

Devika: Here, take your coat off. Oh! And see the tree? We decorated it just last night.

Miranda: Yep. Wow. Magical.

*girls upstairs giggling and laughing*

Miranda: What are the girls doing up there?

Devika: Dunno, but it sounds like they're having fun. Fahren had a friend over. I'm sure they're all just playing nicely.

Devika: So... I know you hate Christmas, but how do you feel about yummy Christmas cookies?

Miranda: Hate 'em. They make my mouth itch. Maybe I'm allergic to Christmas cheer or something. Why?

Devika: Well, I uh... um.... oh! Well good! Because I didn't make Christmas cookies! Just fooling! Ha. Um...

Devika: Instead I made you these delicious ladybug cookies. No ladybug allergies, right?

Miranda: Nope, sounds wonderful.

Miranda: So what did you want to see me about anyway? Misha said you wanted me to come visit right away.

Devika: Since when do I have to have a reason to want to see my best friend? *nervous giggle*

(meanwhile, back at Miranda and Misha's house)

Misha: Thanks for your help, Lon. I couldn't have gotten this done so quickly without you. Devika's promised to keep Miri there until dark, but we're going to be done in plenty of time anyway!

Lon: Uh, no problem. But doesn't Miranda HATE Christmas? Is she really going to like this?

Misha: Nah, no one REALLY hates Christmas. I think she's going to be so happy and surprised when she gets home!

Lon: Well, I do think she'll be surprised....

(*later that evening*)

Miranda: Christmas lights. On my house. ON MY HOUSE!!! Imgonnakillthatfox!!!

Miranda: Grrrrrrrrr. Christmas.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow Day!

Most of the state has declared it a "Snow Day" today. Schools are closed. Businesses too.

Even though I told the girls the snow was really, really deep, they wanted to try sledding anyway.

Higgins looks less than impressed. Poor puppy.

Hopefully this is the first of many new blog entries to come. Sorry for the long pause, there. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Day for Prudence

Calla: Hey, Lenore. Almost ready?

Lenore: Yeah... I can't decide how to do my hair for such an important photo.

Calla: It's just the class photo for this year.

Lenore: Yes, but when I'm President of the Fae World, they'll look back and say "See, here she was when she was just in school." That makes it important.

Higgins: *whine*

Calla: What's wrong, Higgins?

Higgins: WOOF!

Calla: OH!

Calla: I'm going to go feed Higgins.

Lenore: Okay.

Calla: Don't forget to feed Spot, or when you're President they'll say you were mean to your doggie.

Lenore: *snort*

Lenore: "Mean to my doggie" she's funny, that one.

Lenore: But will they say "Our President was lovely in butterfly barrettes?" *sigh*

Lenore: Hmm... well maybe the butterflies...

Prudence: Hello?

Lenore: Oh hi, Prudence!

Lenore: You look GREAT! Nice to see you in something other than black.

Prudence: Thank you.

Lenore: Do you want me to do your hair?

Prudence: Oh. I did it wrong?

Lenore: No, not at all.

Lenore: But we have a lot of different hair clippies and barrettes and things, and it's the class picture and all that.

Prudence: Oh, um...

Lenore: It's okay, your pony tail looks nice if you like it that way. You should think about stockings too.

Prudence: These are all I have. And my gray ones.

Lenore: Nah, we all share. Miss Simona and Ahma said we can wear whatever socks and shoes we want, so we have a whole bunch of options. They're here, in this second drawer.

Prudence: And I can...

Lenore: Sure! Even stuffy Louisa is getting into the spirit of things. See?

Louisa: Aren't they lovely? I feel like dancing!

Prudence: We won't get into trouble?

Lenore: Nope, this is what we're supposed to do. Ahma says it lets us show our "creative" side.

Calla: Yeah, I feel more creative in pink sneakers. Oh, and I have some shoes that would be perfect for you, Prudence!

Prudence: Really?

Louisa: Do you want us to do your hair, Prudence?

Prudence: Uh... sure... thank you.

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