Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Day for Prudence

Calla: Hey, Lenore. Almost ready?

Lenore: Yeah... I can't decide how to do my hair for such an important photo.

Calla: It's just the class photo for this year.

Lenore: Yes, but when I'm President of the Fae World, they'll look back and say "See, here she was when she was just in school." That makes it important.

Higgins: *whine*

Calla: What's wrong, Higgins?

Higgins: WOOF!

Calla: OH!

Calla: I'm going to go feed Higgins.

Lenore: Okay.

Calla: Don't forget to feed Spot, or when you're President they'll say you were mean to your doggie.

Lenore: *snort*

Lenore: "Mean to my doggie" she's funny, that one.

Lenore: But will they say "Our President was lovely in butterfly barrettes?" *sigh*

Lenore: Hmm... well maybe the butterflies...

Prudence: Hello?

Lenore: Oh hi, Prudence!

Lenore: You look GREAT! Nice to see you in something other than black.

Prudence: Thank you.

Lenore: Do you want me to do your hair?

Prudence: Oh. I did it wrong?

Lenore: No, not at all.

Lenore: But we have a lot of different hair clippies and barrettes and things, and it's the class picture and all that.

Prudence: Oh, um...

Lenore: It's okay, your pony tail looks nice if you like it that way. You should think about stockings too.

Prudence: These are all I have. And my gray ones.

Lenore: Nah, we all share. Miss Simona and Ahma said we can wear whatever socks and shoes we want, so we have a whole bunch of options. They're here, in this second drawer.

Prudence: And I can...

Lenore: Sure! Even stuffy Louisa is getting into the spirit of things. See?

Louisa: Aren't they lovely? I feel like dancing!

Prudence: We won't get into trouble?

Lenore: Nope, this is what we're supposed to do. Ahma says it lets us show our "creative" side.

Calla: Yeah, I feel more creative in pink sneakers. Oh, and I have some shoes that would be perfect for you, Prudence!

Prudence: Really?

Louisa: Do you want us to do your hair, Prudence?

Prudence: Uh... sure... thank you.

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