Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Back to School

Louisa: That was really a fun hike! Ahma sure knows a lot about nature stuff.

Lenore: It was. Though, I'm glad we got back before the rain started.

Calla: What are you guys going to do now?

Louisa: I thought I'd write a thank you note to Mr. CJ for the bunk beds. They're really comfy.

Louisa: I've been meaning to, but it's been a busy summer.

Calla: OH! That sounds like a great idea! Can I do that too?

Louisa: Sure. Let me get my writing tablet.

Lenore: I've got one here.

Prudence: *gasp*

Prudence: OH!

Girls: What's wrong, Prudence? Are you okay?

Prudence: There's a school uniform on my bed. It wasn't here when I left.

Louisa: Yeah! Miss Simona put it up there for you.

Prudence: Oh, am I to wash it for someone?

Louisa: No, silly! *laughing*

Lenore: No, it's for you, Prudence. It's yours.

Prudence: Mine? But.... why?

Lenore: School will be starting for us in a couple of weeks. And... May I join you up there to continue this conversation, please?

Prudence: Uh, sure.

Lenore: I love having an upper bunk, don't you?

Prudence: I like having a bunk I don't have to share. But it is quite nice up here.

Lenore: You had to share your bunk at Bleakwood?

Prudence: Yeah.

Lenore: Did you have a school uniform while you were there?

Prudence: No... I mean, I had a uniform: black dress, gray tights. But I wasn't allowed in the school. I was just the cleaning girl. Well, I went in at night, after all the girls were done with their learning, and cleaned the floors and the board and everything.

Lenore: I see. Well, things here are going to be different, then. You will be attending classes with Calla and Louisa and myself. And this is your uniform. We are expected to wear the shirt and tie and skirt for class, but Miss Simona and Miss Ahma have decided that we may wear whatever socks or tights, and shoes we want!

Prudence: My uniform? Really? It's mine?

Lenore: Yep, you're one of the school girls here now, Prudence. Just like the rest of us.

Prudence: Just like the rest... wow.