Friday, October 16, 2015

Catching Up & Working on a Workspace

I forgot to do my Facebook entry uh... last week.Oops. But really, not a whole lot happened.

I did find out why I'm never allowed to help with the grocery shopping. I think this guide is BRILLIANT!

I am not responsible for what happens if you try any of these suggestions. Just sayin'.

And that was really about the most interesting thing that happened.

So, if you're not on Facebook, you're really not missing out. I promise.

Wendy has a whole new workspace/computer/desk thing set up. And I LIKE having my own setup on her desk. I've had it set up before ...

It makes it more convenient for us to discuss important, Wylde Kingdom business.

It also lets me keep an eye on her and make sure she's not bringing home more dolls from the internet.

So, I went to Norm's Dollhouse to look for a desk.

I thought this one was quite nice. The chair too. But at $75 for the desk and $55 for the chair, Wendy suggested I would have to work pretty hard to earn such a thing. (Something about I can't have a desk that costs more than hers. Whatever.)

I thought this was a nice set too. I would've settled just for the chair, but no.

It's hard being head pixie. I get no respect.

In the end, I did get a simpler, but still very awesome desk and chair.  And I moved right in to a spot on Wendy's desk. Take a left at the right speaker, and there's my office.

I have a comfy chair and footstool for pixies who come to my office for meetings. I think this place is mostly set up. I still need a bookshelf and a few other little things that I can make myself.

Though, I could definitely use a rug. It's going to get chilly with this bare floor right by the window. 

 And I knew just the pixie to ask for help!

All three of the Creepy Sisters are amazing fiber artists, but Hera is really, REALLY good at needlepoint and cross stitch & stuff. She came right over and said she could definitely help me with the rug situation.

We talked about patterns and stuff a little, but I told her just do whatever you think will look awesome and she said she would do something really nifty in trade for a sweater or shawl or something to keep her shoulders warm.

I can totally do that! What a deal!

I snapped a quick picture of her before she left.

And Wendy snapped a picture of the both of us. See, this is the kind of thing that's easier when my desk is on her desk.

I think this is going to work out just great. I love my new work space, and I feel more productive already!

- Miri

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Stuff I Did on Facebook #1

When I'm not blogging, I do a lot on Facebook. I've met some really nice pixie dolls there, and found a neat crafty group.

But I have people who I really care about who don't DO Facebook (and I don't blame them. It doesn't work out as nice for everyone as it has for me)

So, every Thursday I'm going to post here what I've been posting on Facebook, so you guys don't have to Facebook if you don't wanna.

So, here goes:

Stuff I Did on Facebook #1

I got Peanutized! To promote the Peanuts Movie coming out November 6th, this website will show you what you look like as a Peanuts character - Peanutize Me!

This is what _I_ look like as one of the Peanuts (also, hanging with Snoopy makes me extra cool.)


I also helped my friend, Devika, make cookies.

Mmm... delicious bats & cats! Unfortunately, they were maybe a little TOO delicious because (according to Devika) I ate a few too many of the cats, and she threw me out of her kitchen!

I ended up hanging around in the kitchen of the apartment above the Green Elephant (where Mr. Thorne lives) and he had CANDY CORN. Which is a very wonderful thing about Autumn.

Even though I ate too many cookies in Devika's kitchen, I was invited to make cookies with Wendy, in a human sized kitchen, which does have it's challenges. The good news is, if you fall into the cookie dough while you're trying to mix it with a spoon five times your height, you can always eat your way out. :) 

 I discovered that candy eyeballs are my new favorite thing. EVERYTHING is better with candy eyeballs.

Even me, though I think I kind of look like a Simpson.

Imagine if you will, a place filled with cookies bigger than you are, all around you, each more delicious than the next! And I say to you.... welcome to my world.(It's cool to be a pixie)

All the horse cookies were for Wendy's mom, it was her birthday on the 26th, so we wanted to surprise her with cookies (all made better with candy eyes. Seriously.)

 Then I went and hung around at Norm's Dollhouse, waiting for news about the Pepperwood Farm that (at that point) we didn't know for sure we were getting. But since you read the blog, you already know how that turned out - (Another House in the Wylde Kingdom)

I didn't actually get to SEE the "Blood Moon", but lucky for me a friend of mine had a friend in Florida who snapped this unbelievable picture of it! I'm so sad I missed it! So majestic and VERY super!

So, since Eris & Sebastian snagged my house, and the Pepperwood Farm is now mine, I kind of moved into it. It's not even STARTED, much less close to finished. But it's still kind of nice to sleep in your own (even unfinished) house. I swiped Wendy's cell phone (which makes a GREAT big screen TV for pixies) and binge watched Season 5 of the Walking Dead until the batteries died.

Honestly, if she didn't WANT me to use her phone, and credit cards, why would she just leave them laying around? She always gets so mad. Just silly, if you ask me.

Oh! And the blue and white afghan on the bed up there? I made that! Pretty, huh? I was thinking about selling it, but I really like it so I'm just going to keep it.

Never trust a crocheter who doesn't like their own stuff. Just sayin'.

This is an afghan I am working on for a friend. It's coming along pretty nicely, I think.

So I joined this crafty group that already had a couple of pixies in it, and it set me off on this big crochet kick.

So I made myself this top! Cute, huh? I made it from this free pattern, here -  and it is FABULOUS. I want to make a million more. I have all these oddball shoes that just don't match ANYTHING so now, if I get the right color thread, I can MAKE stuff that will match them (instead of just being a freaky shoe hoarder with shoes I never, ever wear).

It is a really great pattern, and highly recommended, so if you try it let me know how it goes!

And now I think you're all caught up! This concludes "Stuff I Did on Facebook, Episode 1". I hope you liked it (you know who you are, too). :)

- Miri