Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lenore's Unbirthday - Pt 3

After everyone else had gone, Devika stayed to help clean up and to chat a little bit.

Devika: Lenore, I'm so glad you had a good time. This was a lot of fun. And I'm glad Spot found a home, and so did little Dinah.

Lenore: Me too. Thank you very much, Ms. Devika.

Nessa: Thank you, Vee. For everything.

Devika: No problem! If you guys need anything, just let me know, okay? I'll come by every once in a while just to check and make sure you're doing okay, okay?

Nessa: Of course, and if you need anything, you have only to ask. All right?

Devika: 'K. Byeeee!

Nessa: Well, before your Unbirthday is completely over, there is one more gift for you, Little Wren.

Nessa: From me.

Lenore: OH! Thank you, Ama!

Lenore: (gasp) It's... it's a bracelet, like yours... but you always said...

Nessa: "Fairy magic is not to play with..." and it is not. But you are old enough to have one now. I know you will use it well.

Lenore: It is my most favorite thing in the whole world, Ama! Thank you so much! I will never take it off. And I will only use it in the most dire of emergency.

Nessa: You're welcome, dearheart.

Lenore: It's so pretty... I can't believe... thank you...

Nessa: Well, in a way, it is a gift for me as well, Little Wren. This will always call me to you if you ever need me, and I will always be able to find you. I could not bear to lose you ever, ever again.

Lenore: You won't, Ama! Promise!

Nessa: Did you have a good Unbirthday my Little Wren?

Lenore: The best Unbirthday EVER. Ever, EVER!

Lenore's Unbirthday - Pt 2

They decided on "Pin the Smile on the Cheshire Cat" AFTER presents... but I think plans might have changed after she got Taelyn's gift... anyway....

Lenore got many beautiful presents for her Unbirthday.

Butterfly earrings from Andara -

A beautiful pendant and earring set from Gage and Rabbit -

Lenore opened a gift labeled "From: Montana Monkey" and in it was a tiny, purple horse.

Taelyn explained that he had taken Montana on a long trail drive while she was gone, so he wouldn't be sad, and they'd been rounding up wild horsies. He told her that this one had been the wildest horse, and was Montana's favorite, and that he told Taelyn he thought his favorite little girl should have it.

Lenore smiled, gave Taelyn a great big hug, and thanked him for not letting Montana be sad while she was away.

And Taelyn blushed for quite a while afterwards.

Lenore got a beautiful leather bound diary, lots more jewelry, a couple of lovely stuffed animals, and a bunch of stuff. And then Taelyn presented his gift...

...under a blanket...

And, asking everyone to be very quiet, gently pulled the blanket away to reveal....


At least everyone but Taelyn seemed to feel it was a fox.

Taelyn was quite insistant that it was a puppy dog he had cleverly named "Spot"...

... that he had found wandering all alone in the yard, and tamed so Spot could come inside, and be out of the cold.

Devika kept just saying "Oh dear. Oh DEAR". When asked by Miranda and Taelyn what was wrong, she said that she just wasn't sure how her present was going to feel about Taelyn's.

Before she could cry out "WAIT!" Lenore had opened the box and out peeked two blue eyes...

... belonging to a huge, fluffy white CAT!

Devika couldn't watch. But Lenore spoke gently to the kitty, who was a little surprised to meet a fox doggie, and slowly coaxed her to come out of the box.

The cat and the doggie looked at each other for what felt like a very long time.

And then the cat slowly climbed up in Lenore's lap, and began purring. The little doggie turned to go away, but Lenore called him back.

"Spot," she said, "You must promise to never be mean to my kitty Dinah, and I am certain that Dinah will promise to never be mean to you, because I love you both and you're both my friends now."

And so Spot curled up beside Lenore, and fell asleep.

And now the pixies secretly call Lenore the fox whisperer. :)

Lenore's Unbirthday - Pt 1

Between the cold and the blowing snow, Nessa determined a horseback ride was NOT the best plan for the morning. Pneumonia for your Unbirthday is not a good present. So instead she convinced Lenore to come bird watching with her...

Which bored poor Lenore to tears...

... but did get her out of the apartment long enough for the pixies to show up and get things ready.

Devika, Miranda, and Miranda's cousin, Merri brought up the presents.

Thorne and a pixie friend named Andara, helped get Lenore's costume in order.

And Taelyn and another pixie friend named Saoirse, got the food and the kitchen ready.

Soon the preparations were made, and guests started arriving on a cold and snowy afternoon. Once everyone was gathered, Devika gave the "okay" sign to Nessa by sending a small bird with the message.

Nessa suggested that Lenore go to her room while she straightened herself up, and there Lenore found the beautiful costume Devika had finished for her, with a note pinned to it saying "Wear Me".

Having read Alice in Wonderland too many times, she immediately put on the dress, and then went up to the main room to tell Nessa, where she found... EVERYONE!

All together they called out "Merry Unbirthday Lenore!!!", and Lenore just laughed gleefully.

When I left the party to bring you this update, they were debating over why there was less cake and slightly warm rasberry tea than Devika and Miranda had brought, and whether they should play "Pin the Smile on the Cheshire Cat" before or after presents.

None of the pixies came in costume, and I asked the nearest pixie, who turned out to be Andara, why. She said, very matter-of-factly "It's her first Unbirthday party ever, and it's being attended by talking stuffed animals, living dolls, pixies, fairies and a centaur. How much further down the rabbit hole could this little girl's life be?" and I couldn't argue with that at all.

Back with more party updates later. I am your humble narrator, Wendy.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

'Twas The Night Before Unbirthday....

'Twas the night before Unbirthday
When there on my desk
All the pixies had gathered
Every single little pest

The pixies had gathered
From near and from far
Which was rather strange
As none had a car

They talked and they chatted
About a sweet little girl
And an Unbirthday Party
As unseen by the world

The sweet little girl
All snug in her bed
Dreams of snowflakes, and monkeys
Dancing 'round in her head

She slept on quite soundly
Completely unaware
Of the plots and the plans
Of the pixies gathered there

Nessa, her guardian
Snuggled up in bed too
Prepared by the pixie ringleader
Knowing what she must do

A horseback ride in the morning
To destract sweet Lenore
So the pixies could bring presents,
Decorate, and more!

They planned their Unbirthday
'Til they had it just right
But they talked on so late,
That I must say good night!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Lenore Comes Home - Pt 1

Nessa: Lenore..... wake up, little sleepyhead. Open your eyes, Little Wren... Ah, there you are.

Lenore: Oh... is it time to go? I don't want to... but I told you I would. But I'm still tired. I feel like I've been asleep for a hundred years.

Nessa: No, sweetheart. You've already gone, and now you're back. And you didn't sleep for a hundred years, just a week or so, though it felt so much longer to me too.

Lenore: REALLY? So I don't have to go. Or... I DID go, and now I don't have to. Or...

Lenore: It really is quite confusing to have been on a trip that one cannot remember. I don't feel like I was gone....

Lenore: And where have I come home to? What IS this place?

Nessa: This is our new home, Little Wren. It's just for us, and it's just OURS.

Lenore: Ours until Princess Meribell wants it, or Prince Tannetrill.

Nessa: No... things are different now. Very different. Wonderfully different!! Anyway, you'll find your clothes and shoes in here. Please get dressed and call for me, and I'll come get you and show you around. I'll explain everything. I promise!

Nessa: I know you cannot remember being gone, so it must be strange to hear, but I am so glad you're back, Little Wren. I missed you so much.

Lenore: I missed you too! Or, well, I would have missed you terribly much... if only I had known I was gone!

To be continued......

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Lenore Is Coming Home

Devika: (humming along with the clicking of the sewing machine)

Nessa: Hello, Vee.

Devika: Oh! Hey, Nessa! I'm almost done with Lenore's Alice dress! Isn't it nifty?

Nessa: It's beautiful, Vee. And timely too. I came to tell you, Lenore is on her way home. She should arrive Tuesday night.

Devika: TUESDAY!! But... that's.... oh there's so much to do!!! Oh!!!


Devika: GAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......

Nessa: Vee, it's....

Devika: ggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa

Devika: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

Devika: gggggaaaaaahhhhhhhh....

Nessa: Seriously, Vee... hang on a minute.

Devika: OOF!

Nessa: Oh, Vee! For the love of... are you okay? Has Thorne been feeding you cake again?

Devika: I'm okay. No, no cake. Mr. Thorne gave me a candy cane!!! You know, for Christmas and all.

Nessa: I have got to talk to that man about your sugar intake. (shaking head) Here you go, and how about some calm, soothing conversation a little less running around screaming, eh?

Devika: Yeah, calm and soothing. Yeah yeah, but there really IS a lot to do.

Devika: Now I can get the invitations sent out, so I need to write those up tonight..

Devika: OH! But I still don't know what to get Lenore for her Unbirthday! GAAH!

Nessa: Vee.... calm, soothing... remember?

Devika: That's IT! What you said! Calm and soothing! YES! I know just what to get her! Thanks Nessa!