Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lenore and Nessa's Stuff - Pt 2

Devika: Oh! Hi Nessa! We were just decorating the tree and... uh, what brings you here?

Nessa: My belongings still have not arrived from the fairy court, though the court claims they've sent them. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?

Devika: Um... well... it was going to be a surprise, and it's not all quite ready yet. But I guess you can see it. Yeah. Okay, follow me!

Nessa: It is very dark here, Vee. Your surprise isn't something with teeth, is it?

Devika: No, silly! We're almost there! Ready?

Devika: TAH-DAH!!! It's an apartment for you and Lenore!!!

Nessa: Oh my...

Devika: So this is your room. Wendy made the bedspread, but she hasn't finished the pillow case yet. There's a lot more we have to do but it's almost ready...

Devika: And this is little Lenore's room! I hope she likes it! There are toys in there, for her, and we still have to finish the bedspread for her room too.

Devika: This rolltop desk is a present from Wendy, I think it's an unbirthday present. Don't tell.

Nessa: This is amazing. It's all so wonderful. Where did you find all this? The bed! Where did you find this precious bed?

Devika: Um....

Gage: HEY!

Devika: Ebay. We found it on Ebay. Yeah.

Devika: So, then this is a little parlor/sitting room/music room for you two. I hope you like it. We won't bug you all THAT much, probably, once you move in. We'll have the Unbirthday party here, if that's okay with you....

Nessa: My piano... and Lenore's violin....I need to sit down...

Nessa: Alice in Wonderland... I think I know how she feels.

Devika: Well, we found that copy of the book and thought it should live here, with you two since Lenore loves it so much.

Nessa: Yes she does... that's very sweet of you...

Devika: Oh Nessa! Don't cry!! This is supposed to be a happy surprise! Are you upset that we were touching your stuff? I'm so sorry, we...

Devika: We only did it because we love you guys! And we're so happy that you're here and...

Nessa: No, Devika. I'm not angry or upset. This is the nicest thing anyone... oh, Lenore is going to love it here... you don't know... oh, she'll be so surprised!

Devika: Well GOOD! Wendy told me I was a big ol' sneak! But I told her you wouldn't mind!

Nessa: You were both right. You ARE a "big ol' sneak" and I don't mind at all! Not one bit!


  1. Lenore will be so overwhelmed with joy. Expect massive tears. What beautiful furniture and what a gorgeous apartment. I think I am going to tear up now. Sigh.

  2. Hi Elisa!

    When I was a kid, I used to have this fantasy of being shrunk down to dollsize and living in a dollhouse.

    Devika let me help with the apartment a little bit, and so I tried to make it the place where I wanted to live when I was a little kid, dreaming of being a living doll.

    I really hope Lenore likes it.

    There will be better pictures once I've really figured out the lighting. Devika and I weren't quite ready to show it to Nessa yet, but I understand why Devika did. It'll be great once we have the rest of the bedding finished, and the wires hidden and everything.

    I'm glad you like it, and I'm glad you think Lenore will like it. It means a lot. :O) - Wendy