Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Devika's Kitchen

Devika: (humming)

Taelyn: VEE! Thank goodness! You have to help me!

Devika: Taelyn... what on... um, why are you dressed like a turkey?

Taelyn: It's Miranda. She's gone crazy. She asked me if I wanted to play "Pilgrim" and I said "Sure" and she gave me this costume. And that's when she told me the pilgrims HUNTED turkeys and gave me a five minute head start!! You have to help me! I'm a turkey on the run!!!

Miranda: Here turkey, turkey, turkey. There you are. Come here, my tender little white meat morsel!

Taelyn: AACK!!! Get away from me you turkey hater!!!

Devika: Hey... no, you guys... I'm trying to... hey! That's IT!

Devika: NOT IN MY KITCHEN!!!! One more "gobble" out of either of you and you get NO PIE!! None! Out of my kitchen! NOW!

Miranda: Sorry, Vee...

Taelyn: I'm sorry, Vee....

Devika: OUT!

Devika: And you!

Wendy: What? Me? I'm just the photographer...

Devika: No more pictures! OUT!

Wendy: But, I just...

Devika: Out of my kitchen! NOW! Shoo!



    That's great.

  2. Absolutely precious story and pics Wendy.