Sunday, November 12, 2006

"I Was Thinking of a Plan..."

Nessa: (sigh)

Rabbit: Hi Nessa! (gracefully falls into chair) I hope I'm not bugging you. We were all talking and we had a bunch of questions for you about your little girl and stuff and what she likes and stuff like that and um, how's your book?

Nessa: It's interesting. Mostly I was looking to see if I knew anyone mentioned in it. It was loaned to me your stuffed bunny friend . Gage.

Rabbit: (blush) Well,

Nessa: What can I answer for you?

Rabbit: Well, we've been talking a lot about your little girl, and we want to do something really nice for her when she gets back. Like a welcome home party or something, with presents and everything. But we don't know anything about her really. So what does she like?

Nessa: Lenore isn't really mine (apparently). She seems very much a normal little human girl, so I'm sure she likes all the things they normally do. I can tell you that she likes horseback riding, and she enjoys reading human books. She is crazy for "Alice in Wonderland"...

Rabbit: OH! An Alice in Wonderland party!! That's PERFECT!!! Goodness knows we have enough rabbits!!! Oh!!! How FUN!!!! I have to go tell the others! Thank you Nessa!

Nessa: Hurry home, Little Wren. Mine or not, I miss you. (sigh)


  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    How delightful....a Alice Party! Predict total chaos! Loving it!

  2. Hi Elisa! Knowing my little crew, it would probably end up in chaos no matter WHAT the theme was. The Alice theme just guarantees it.

    I guess we'll have to wait and see. :)