Monday, November 06, 2006

Taelyn's Toys

(piano music in background as Miranda practices)

Taelyn: Good job, Mr. Bear! Excellent horsie wrangling! I'll take these two from here!

(piano music stops)

Taelyn: That's great roping there Montana Monkey! You lasso pretty good for a city slicker!

Taelyn: Let me help you with this one, Montana! He looks pretty wild!

Taelyn: Got him! Woah, little horsie! Easy now!

Miranda: What on earth are you DOING?

Taelyn: Montana Monkey, Mr. Bear and Me are rounding up the horsies together!

Miranda: Well, could you maybe keep the "horsie roundup" a little quieter?

Taelyn: Oh, we're sorry we bothered your practicing. I just didn't want Montana Monkey to be bored while his little girls is away.

Taelyn: And now he can tell her all about his big trail drive and all the horsies he wrangled when she gets back!

Miranda: Oh for crying out loud, Taelyn. That is just silly. Toys don't talk. They don't have adventures. They just sit around and do nothing. That's what toys do.

Taelyn: But Miranda, you are so WRONG! My toys are just as real as you, or me, or any pixie you've ever known! We have LOTS of adventures. Don't we, Mr. Bear?

Miranda: Mr. Bear here is just stuffing and fluff, and he doesn't think or have adventures. Or answer questions.

Miranda: I'm going back to practicing this Bach piece. Keep it down, okay?

Taelyn: Okay. But you're totally wrong about toys, Miranda. I'm just telling you. You'll see.

Miranda: Whatever. AAACK!!!

Miranda: How the? What the? Where?


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