Monday, November 20, 2006

Very Tiny Tree Trimming

Apparently pixies put up their Christmas trees just before human Thanksgiving day.

Who knew?


  1. lol...Thorne just can't be bothered with the decorating of the tree can he? Beautiful, I love your lighting.

  2. Hi Elisa!

    Well, Thorne doesn't care much for Christmas, for his own reasons. We talked about it, and I felt pretty fortunate that he agreed to be in the picture at all. :)

    And he's KIND of in the Christmas spirit. He's reading "Christmas Carol", and I think he was reading it out loud to my little tree trimmers. :)

    They're a sweet little bunch, my little herd of pixies. I feel very fortunate to have them here - even the one that doesn't like Christmas. :) - Wendy