Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thorne Explains Some Things

Devika: And THEN she said "Well, we didn't really keep track of the date!" Can you believe that?! What kind of mother doesn't know her own child's birthday! I thought Nessa was nice, but not knowing Lenore's birthday! She didn't even seem to CARE that she didn't know! (harumph)

Thorne: Vee, there are things you misunderstand about the relationship between Nessa and Lenore. Rather important things.

Devika: Like what?

Thorne: Nessa is NOT Lenore's mother. It is very unlikely that she EVER knew Lenore's birthdate. And that Nessa IS nice, and much more compassionate than most of her kind. Her compassion is why Lenore is alive at all. Sit down and I will try to explain.

Thorne: Lenore is a changeling. Do you know what that is?

Miranda: Um... a great horror movie starring George C. Scott?

Devika: (rolls eyes at Miranda) No, not really.

Thorne: (nodding) A changeling is a human child stolen from their parents by fairy folk. Sometimes the fairies would leave a troll or fairy child in the human baby's place. Some members of the fairy court considered this to be great sport, and up until the last hundred years or so it was a very common practice.

Devika: That's horrid. But they eventually gave them back, right?

Thorne: No. Most changelings died within a few days of being stolen. Fairies have no idea how to take care of a human child, nor do they care to, and once they lost interest they would wander on to new pursuits, leaving the changeling to die in some forgotten corner of the barrow.

Devika: Oh! That's terrible! Those poor little changelings! (sniffle)

Thorne: However, Lenore did NOT die. And the ONLY reason she did not die is because of Nessa. She had compassion for the child, and has raised her all this time, despite the difficulty it has caused her with the fairy court. Lenore has lived with Nessa, among the fairies, for over 200 years, but time passes differently there and so in her heart and her mind, Lenore is an 11 year old girl.

Devika: Nessa got into trouble for keeping Lenore alive?

Thorne: It was an unpopular choice for a fairy of her status to have made. I believe they only allowed her to keep the child because she was the daughter of a prince, but she was shunned by much of the court for it. And when they came up with an errand that could keep a fairy away from the court for many years, they did not hesitate to send Nessa, and her changeling child right along behind her.

Miranda: Why IS Nessa here?

Thorne: It is for her to decide whether to share that or not.

Devika: Poor Nessa. No wonder she's missing Lenore so much. She IS like a daughter to her, even if she's not. Thank you, Mr. Thorne. I'm sorry I misunderstood. But why didn't NESSA explain all this?

Thorne: It is a rare fairy that knows how to explain themselves, as they are rarely called upon to do so. There are good reasons why the pixie courts and the fairy courts come together so seldom. Their ways, and rules, and interests are very different from ours.

Devika: Yeah! Pixies don't have changelings!

Miranda: Hmm, where would you PUT one?

Devika: That isn't the point. (shaking head)

Devika: Well now I think we should do something super EXTRA nice for little Lenore! And Nessa too! This will be the best welcome home party ever. Oh! I know!!! It will be an Un-Birthday party too! YEAH!!! Thank you Mr. Thorne! (runs off singing "A Very Merry Unbirthday").

Miranda: You know EVERYTHING, don't you?

Thorne: (shrug)

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  1. Anonymous6:19 AM

    The sadness of rejection has brought a happiness that will exceed all expectations. Fairy Courts can be haughty and overly cautious and always a bit full of themselves. The time will come for them to see how this changeling is not what they think....