Monday, November 13, 2006

Horseback Riding With the Girls

Nessa: (humming)

?: Hi Nessa!

Nessa: Hu?

?: Over here!

?: Nessa, over HERE!

Nessa: Oh hi, Devika.

Devika: HI! Are you going riding?

Nessa: Yes. Well, I thought I'd take Larkin out so she didn't get bored waiting for Lenore to come back.

Devika: Well you can ride with us! Rabbit should be along any moment. We go riding every day! Well, every day that there's not snow. Or rain. Or it's too cold. Or too hot.

Nessa: (smile) You don't say.

Devika: Yeah. Well, we go riding sometimes. Oh, here's Rabbit now!

Nessa: I would love to go riding with you both, thank you for the invitation.

Nessa: I like the hair color, Rabbit. I almost didn't recognize you.

Rabbit: (smile) Changing colors with the seasons!

Devika: So, Nessa. I have about a million questions for you about your... er, Lenore.

Nessa: Ask away...

Devika: Well, why is she named Lenore? And why do you call her wren? What's her favorite color? And when's her birthday?...


Just an extra picture because I think the girls are so pretty on their horses!

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  1. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Indeed, horses are an absolute necessity for girls. It is a natural and intense combination!