Monday, November 27, 2006

Lenore Comes Home - Pt 1

Nessa: Lenore..... wake up, little sleepyhead. Open your eyes, Little Wren... Ah, there you are.

Lenore: Oh... is it time to go? I don't want to... but I told you I would. But I'm still tired. I feel like I've been asleep for a hundred years.

Nessa: No, sweetheart. You've already gone, and now you're back. And you didn't sleep for a hundred years, just a week or so, though it felt so much longer to me too.

Lenore: REALLY? So I don't have to go. Or... I DID go, and now I don't have to. Or...

Lenore: It really is quite confusing to have been on a trip that one cannot remember. I don't feel like I was gone....

Lenore: And where have I come home to? What IS this place?

Nessa: This is our new home, Little Wren. It's just for us, and it's just OURS.

Lenore: Ours until Princess Meribell wants it, or Prince Tannetrill.

Nessa: No... things are different now. Very different. Wonderfully different!! Anyway, you'll find your clothes and shoes in here. Please get dressed and call for me, and I'll come get you and show you around. I'll explain everything. I promise!

Nessa: I know you cannot remember being gone, so it must be strange to hear, but I am so glad you're back, Little Wren. I missed you so much.

Lenore: I missed you too! Or, well, I would have missed you terribly much... if only I had known I was gone!

To be continued......

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