Friday, November 17, 2006

Lenore and Nessa's Stuff - Pt 1

Devika: So what's all this, then?

Miranda: Nessa and Lenore's stuff. The FPS driver just left. I was gonna run up and tell Ness it's here.

Devika: Doesn't seem like enough stuff for two people.

Miranda: According to this, their instruments and books are coming in the next shipment. And they're not sending Lenore's bed at all! "Backordered - kept by Princess Meribell"

Devika: That's not right! Poor little thing. Hmmm.

Miranda: What? You want to help me bring this in?

Devika: No, I've got it. You go keep Nessa distracted and don't tell her her stuff arrived. I have a plan for the best Unbirthday surprise EVER!

To be continued....

1 comment:

  1. On an old Betty Boop cartoon (I am a Max Fleischer fan) There was one about Moving Day.... "moving around the corner". The tune popped into my head. So delightful and great photo angle. You could feel the excitement by the furniture being on the doorstep like that.