Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Introductions Are In Order....

Thorne: Hi, my name is Thorne. You might have seen me on Wendy's photo blog - Miranda Wandering. It has come to my attention that perhaps some introductions to the pixies and people that are frequent characters on that blog might be in order.

Thorne: I'm a quiet fellow, and I tend to listen. This is what makes me the ideal person to tell you all about the other pixies and dolls that you'll meet here.

Thorne: We're quite a motley mix of personalities, opinions and passions. But we all have one thing in common. - Wendy. We all relate to her differently, but we do all relate to her.

Thorne: So, if you will, allow me to be your tour guide on a bit of a pixie safari. Over the next few days (or at least as frequently as I can take over the computer) I'll join you here, and tell you about someone you'll see on the blog. Hopefully this will remedy any confusion and help to elucidate the dramatis personae of our little photo blog. Thank you for reading, and welcome to our little world.

See you next time for our first introduction - Taelyn!

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